Monday, September 27

Getting Older

Ive come to realize that I am getting older.  I used to party till 4AM and pull a double shift at the bar with little to no sleep for weeks at a time.  This weekend showed me once again how my life has changed in the last few years.  Friday night consisted of playing with the kids, renting a movie and in bed by 10. Yes, 10  Saturday morning I woke up put ribs in the crock pot, very excited about this, and loaded up the car for a visit to Central Market.  Never did I ever think that I would get excited about produce, bread, and cheese, but here I am.  Sunday morning, where I would have formally drank a beer to ease my hang over, I settled for a morning of making waffles, drinking coffee, and clipping coupons.  It is very tame, and lame to some people, but it suits me just fine.

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