Friday, January 20

Hair Be Gone

Ive been throwing a fit about my hair for as far back as I can remember.  My hair is long.  I mean really long.  And its thin.  See for yourself.
Im holding the ends with my fingertips.

Anyway, so I made the decision to chop it off.  I was shaking and hyperventilating the entire time.  I dont know why, its just hair.


Yes, I know its just hair, but you dont understand.  Ive ALWAYS had long hair.  So what was the end result?

Short.  EKKK, I like it I just have to get used to it.

So what did I do with my long pony tail?

It went to Locks of Love.
It will help make a wig for a little girl with cancer.
So worth it, its just hair.  It will grow back.

Thursday, January 19

Lets paint...the bathtub?

Have I mentioned on here how addicted I am to Pinterest? When its raining outside and I cant think of ANYTHING to do with 2 kids, I go to Pinterest.  We had one of those days so what did I come up with?  Thats right, painting the bathtub.  The kids went crazy and had a blast and there was very little clean up, my favorite part.

At first, they were not quite sure what to do.

That quickly changed. 

This is not pee, he turned on the facet.

She was having a blast

Hes painting the whale as she paints the walrus.

And the ducks

The final masterpiece?

No too bad and they were entertained for about 40 minutes. Next time, I bet the whole thing is covered.

Tuesday, January 17

2012 Resolutions

Yes, Im two weeks late.  For me, I still need to write them down or they will never get done.  Half of them might not get done anyway but I feel if its out there, then Im accountable to someone, somewhere.  So here goes.  Here is what I want to do in 2012.

*Add new album monthly on FaceBook, I slacked last year on picture posting so Im going to keep it updated this year

*PR a half, shoot for under 2 hours

*Complete a Full Marathon

*Complete 45 tasks on 101 in 1001

*Run 1000 miles, Im GOING to do this this year if it kills me

*Read 12 books

*Cut debit in half,  Its happening, again even if it kills me.

*Pin something original on Pinterest, lets face it, Im a big copy cat

*Start, keep up  to date quote box

*Get a tattoo

Monday, January 16

One new thing a month

As part of my 2011 resolutions, I wanted to do one new thing with the kids per month.  Heres what last year looked like.













Caught up?  Last year was fun and I can only hope we have just as much fun this year.

Tuesday, January 10

Lets Sing

When I belt out a tune, I sound like an angel.  An angel of death.  It is not pretty. Now saying this, I have stage fright.  Whenever I have to get in front of people, or have to become the center of attention, I start shaking and begin to sweat.  Its not pretty.

Now given this information, when I made my 101 in 1001 list, what came to mind?  Of coarse, karaoke.  Sure, angel of death and stage fright.  Perfect combo.  Last week, I got up the nerve to sing with a friend in front of people. 

It was not pretty but we had fun.

Consider #89 crossed off.

Monday, January 9

2011 Resolution Recap

Another year has passed, far to fast if you ask me.  I thought I would recap how last years resolutions went.  Here was last years list.

  • Run 1000 miles (It averages about 20 a week so Ill actually HAVE to do it but training should make it easy)  Also, I need to find a counter that I can update when I do run.  Any ideas?
  • Run 2 Half Marathons (The first goal is to finish, the second is to beat the first race's time)
  • Run full Marathon, just finish
  • Finish the kids one year scrap book
  • Finish pregnancy scrape book
  • Make one new recipe a week
  • Clean dishes out of sick nightly
  • Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
  • Do a new activity with kids every month
  • Read 12 books
  • Complete 3 items per month of my 101 in 1001 days to stay on track to finish on time \
So how did I do?  Not TOOO bad
I did not run 1000 miles.  Life happened and to see my kids smile became more important than putting on my shoes

I did run 2 Half Marathons, I did not beat my first run time.  Theres always next time.

I did not run a full Marathon, again life happened.

I did complete the kids one year scrap books and my pregnancy book.  YEA, so excited.

As for new recipes, I did try new ones.  However, I dont think I did a new one once a week.  I tried new things, that was the goal.

Clean dishes nightly?  Didnt happen, I tried but sometimes Im just too tired.

Bake bread from scratch?  Yea that didnt happen either.

Do a new activity with the kids every month?  That did happen, I will post later with details.

Read 12 books.  I read 10, close so I wont be myself up about it.

Complete 36 tasks for 101 in 1001, Im 10 short :(  But I will make up for it this year.

So theres my successes and failures.  I did better than I thought I would.  Anyone else reflect on their 2011 Resolutions?

Friday, January 6

Gingerbread House, Part 2

Do you remember last years attempt to build a Gingerbread House with the kids? One word, disaster. Well we made another attempt this year, it was only slightly better.

She did WAY better and placed the candy ON the house.

He tried to help,

Not too bad for a 2 year old. LOL

She was concentrating so hard 

And he ate the candy.

Round 3 will happen next year.
Maybe we can complete it without eating all the pieces.
I doubt it, thats half the fun.

Thursday, January 5

Painting Marshmallows

Have you checked out Pinterest?  If you havnt, your really missing out.  Simple things that I SHOULD have thought of make me seem like an evil genius.  Check out my page by clicking the link to the left.

So why am I boasting about Pinterest, again?  I found this great idea to paint marshmallows.  The kids love them and I needed something to entertain them for a while.

I busted out the muffin tin and add some milk and food coloring.

They grabbed the marshmallows and starting dipping.

Which quickly turned to tasting.

Elyse, what color is that?

Purple Mommy
And Cole?

Back to dipping again

And when they were done, we ended up with a marshmallow forest.

Her words, not mine.

Tuesday, January 3

Christmas Presents

My kids are spoiled.  Seriously, they are spoiled and I believe they have no clue.  You want proof?  Take a look at the load of stuff they received this Christmas.

And for Round 2,

Oh the aftermath,
Spoiled, yes.
Happy, defiantly.