Monday, August 29

Take me out to the Ballgame

YEA, Im so excited.  I got to take the kids to their first Ranger game.  I know they dont 'get it' but they had fun anyway.

Its been unbearable hot here, I think were going on day 55 or something like that of temps 100 and over. You walk outside and you instantly sweat, sexy I know.   I was worried how hot it would be for the kids so I figured we wing it and just see how they do.

Luckily, our seats were in shade, under an awning (is that what its called).  Even tho we were in shade, it was still hot and humid as hell.  The kids did not seem to notice

She stood the majority of the game.

He sat (when he wasnt playing the drums on the chair)

He pulled his glasses down to get a better view,

He drank lots of water

And she takes after me with a lemon (well strawberry) chill.  I cant go to the game and not get one

He cheered the Rangers on.

And she attempted to share her treat.

She kept yelling "Yea football, yea football"  I had to correct her by saying its baseball.  Shed tilt her had and say "Baseball mommy?  Yea Baseball"

Around the 7th inning, it was 10 PM and it was still 100 degrees.  They were done, I was tired and covered in sweat.

They had a blast, but her face told me it was time to go.

And he didnt make it out of the parking lot before passing out.

Im sure this is the first of many games that I will be taking them too.  Despite the heat, they did great.  No tears, no tantrums.

Note to self, bring more snacks  :)

Wednesday, August 24

Tuesday, August 23

Really?! Really?!

What is it about kids, especially around the age of 2 (lets face it, thats all I have to go by), that makes them want to do odd things that Im sure only make sense to them?  Wow that was long winded.

Lets try this again.

What is it about a little girl that urgesthem to feed their babies?  If it was fake food or a 'bottle', I completely understand? But this....
I was told that the baby NEEEEEEEEEEEEDED the yogurt because she was a good girl and ate her dinner.  I dont think the baby understood you have to OPEN your mouth to eat it. I guess I should be grateful that she is sharing and gets you get 'dessert' after dinner.  SMH

And, what is it about a little boy that gives him the uncontrollable need to shove stuff in places?

This is a plastic rock, the second time I might add, that he shoved in the surround sound.  Theres blocks in there too that I cant get because my hands arent small enough.

At least its not a PB&J in the VCR, right?  Not yet at least.

Monday, August 22


I like to read.  I have to find time to read, so when I do, I want to get lost.  Heres the thing.  I read for my entertainment.  This is going to sound gruesome and horrible, but all I read is horror/murder mystery books.  The gorier the better.  If the book does not catch me in the first couple of pages, its very difficult to finish.

I was watching a SVU one night and the guy who they thought killed the girl vanished.  Anyway they went through his apartment and all he had was murder books on the bookshelf. They figured he was a pysco, I cant help to think if someone would think the same of me with all the murder/crime books I own.

I digress

Whats the point?  When I made my list, I decided to put some things on there that I normally wouldnt do.  IE #25, Read a romance novel. I dont get romance novels.  I think they are cheesy and I cant get pass the corn ball, "His flowing hair in the wind as he caressed her sweet......" (You get the point)

Well I did it.  I finished a romance novel.  And it wasnt horrible, just not my cup of tea.  It took me a month to finish it.  The book just never GRABBED me the way murder does (morbid, I know)  Anyway, the last half was way better than the first, I just dont think Ill be reading another anytime soon.

#25 done.

Thursday, August 18

Hes a little man now

Does anyone else feel that kids grow up waaaaaaaaaaay to fast?  I know this is rhetorical but still.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I met this tiny tiny person.

And now hes a little man.

But he can make monkey faces,

And be silly to make me and everyone else around him laugh.

I wish I could stop time.

Tuesday, August 16

Day at the park

In my quest to wear the kids out, I decided to take them to the park.  The heat let up and went below 100 degrees so off we went.

They loved racing the cars.

And ringing the bells,

And giving mommy kisses

Thats my favorite part.

Monday, August 15


What is it about 2 year-olds that gives them ENDLESS energy?  I swear, they did.not.stop. this weekend.

After a road trip on Saturday, I only assumed that they would pass out with no issues.  I was wrong.  They ran around like crazy people chasing each other non-stop until it was time to eat dinner.  They ate, bathed, then ran some more. They finally passed out around 9, which is late in our house (Bedtime is between 730/8)

This brings me to Sunday.

I was woken up by two kids standing in the door yelling "I stink, I stink" at 7 AM.  After changing the 15 pounds of poo from each of them, I got them some milk and put on a movie so I could doze back off on the couch.  I read instead.  Around 8, I made them breakfast.  BTW, Cole is going to eat me out of house and home.  He ate a whole banana, a waffle, a thing of yogurt and 2 glasses of milk, for breakfast.  Dont get me started on lunch.

Anyway, at 9 we decided to go to church.  I havent taken them to this church before but I should have known, they were fine.  She did not want to leave and was ticked off that we had to leave her baby at church.  When we got back home, I was hoping that they would nap after lunch.  Wrong again.  They played, no sleeping took place.  After about 30 minutes of being in their room for 'nap time', they came out and went ape-shit.

So I got to thinking?  Ok Grandma is coming to the house in 1 hour, I need to keep them up and wear them out at the same time. We headed outside to play with chalk.  It was hot, wore me out, I aint gonna lie.  Them? Not so much.  Its like the sun have them an energy shot. 

What now?

We went to the pool.  They splashed and swam.  Well they held on to my shoulders and kicked..Elyse found flowers (you know the ones that fall off of the trees) and decided to put them all in the hole.  There was this divot in the pool that she was determined to put all the flowers in even if they kept floating out. After about an hour, I was beat.  Keeping up with 2 2-year olds is work, even when you do have help.

Surely they would nap now? 


Thankfully, Grandma showed up about that time with puzzles and entertained them for a minute.  I was beat and it was only 5 o'clock.  I just kept hoping and hoping they would get tired quickly.  They ate and then took a bath and there seemed to be no end in site. 

Little did I know.  I casually said, ok its time to go to bed (At 6 PM) and they both walked to their room and pulled their covers over their heads, with a book of course.

630, silence.

Oh sweet silence.

If only I could have their energy for just one day.

Friday, August 12

10 Questions, Part II

I always want to know more about everyone.  Im kind of nosey like that.  Here is Part 2 of random questions that I stole copied from HTP again.  If you missed the first part, you can look here

What are you really good at?  What are you really bad at?
Im really good at organizing, prioritizing and math.  I dont know why, it all just makes sense to me and calms me to put things in order.  Im really bad at talking to new people.  It scares the crap out of me.  Im also horrible at fashion.  Im clueless and in desperate need of a personal shopper, but Im broke so that wont happen anytime soon.

Have you ever been in a car accident?  What happened?
2, and none were my fault.
When I was in middle school, our bus got reat ended by a car.  I wasnt hurt but my friend had to to go to the hospital.

Next, I was waiting to turn into my neighborhood, stopped with my blinker on.  I got rear ended by a truck and thrown into the ditch.

(Im seeing a trend, no wonder Im nervous when people get to close to me)
My car got ran over by a truck.  I wasnt in it , thank God, because it was crushed like a tuna can.  Does that still count as an accident?

Why did you attend your college?
Hill County for a semester and then UT at Dallas.  I graduated from UTD with a BA in Business Management.  Im still trying to figure out what to do with the degree  :-/

Describe your morning routine today.
Turned alarm off at 535, well hit snooze unitl 615
Got up, to avoid TMI, Ill just say I met the toilet.
I brushed my teeth and hair, wipe the mascara from under my eyes and put on more mascara.
*No I did not take a shower, Ill do it tonight after I get out of the pool*
At 635 I got in my car and headed to pick up the kids (Leave it at that , I dont want to get into it)
At 655 I dropped the kids off at daycare
Around 720 I pulled into McDonalds because Im starving
730 I walked into to work

Have you ever snooped through someone else’s things? Did you find anything interesting?
Yes, but nothing too personal.  I have a thing about looking in people's pantries when I go to their house.  I have no idea why, I just NEED to look in the pantry.  Just a heads up if I ever stop by.
What do you think happens when you die?
I believe we go to Heaven , thats the short answer.
Are you superstitious?
VERY, In high school I wore my hair in double pig tails and wore the same socks to every game because we won. I keep all of my doors shut because....well I dont know why, but Im sure theres some reason for it.  I make wishes at 11:11 and squeeze eye lashes between my thumb and pointer finger for good luck.  I also throw spilled salt over my left sholder.
Do people think you are younger or older than you actually are?
Younger, waaaaay younger.  I get carded for everything.  I dont know how many times I have been told "Sweetie if you are going to get a fake ID, make it believeable" or "This is fake, Im not selling you beer"  Come on people Im almost 30 and you are telling me I dont look old enough to buy cigerettes, true story, one more than one occassion.  Ill be grateful for this when Im 60 right?

*Note, I do not smoke but I do buy them for friends from time to time*
How did your parents’ relationship influence you?
My parents split when I was 16. I learned then to walk away if your not happy and when things cant be fixed.  Dont waste your time being miserable.  You can and will be a better parent if you are happier apart from each other.  Again, this is the short answer and you get the jist. Dont waste your life doing what peple think you should do.
What were the three happiest moments of your life?
May 2007, I gradutaed from college.  After putting a delay on it for 4 years, I finished, and I cried.
September 2008, I found out I was pregnant after trying for nearly a year.
April 29 2009, the kids were born and I havnt looked back since


Thursday, August 11

Is it bright in here?

You ever see those guys that never take their sunglasses off even if they are inside or its dark outside?  Im raising one.

Heaven help me

Monday, August 8

I will never....

Before you have kids, you think you know everything.  I would always say, if that was my kid Id beat the crap out of them or oh no way my kid will ever act that way.   I would also say, look I dont know anything, I dont have kids, but I do know a thing or too, its kind of common sense.

We have all said it. 
When I have kids, I will never do XYZ.  For example.....

I will never co-sleep with my kids.  I kept to this.  For the first month, they slept in the pack-play in our room.  After that first month, they were in their own room, in their own cribs.On the rare occasion, I would feed them, fall asleep but then Id wake, realize what I did and put them back to bed.  Now am I saying they will never sleep with me if they have a nightmare or if its once in a blue moon? No, but I refuse to have a 6-yr old in bed with me because that is what they know.

I will never baby talk.  I goo-gooed and gah-agahhd for a min.  Then I would snap out of it and realize I sound like a retard.  I talk to my kids like I talk to anyone else, like a person.

I will not use a pacifier.  Lets face it, it happens.  Cole is the only one who used one since Elyse's thumb was attached to her face when she was tired.  Good thing though, he only used it when he slept.  The day he turned 1, they all went in the trash.  No exceptions.  He did not need it and it was not a big deal.

I will never cook 2 separate meals for the kids.  I need routine.  The kids need routine.  Because of this, they eat as close to 630 as possible.  If dinner that Im making isnt ready, grilled cheese and veggies it is.  I dont feel bad about it for one minute.  Now if dinner is ready, they eat what I eat.  If they dont want it, they dont eat.  When they get up from the table, I ask if they are finished.  If they say yes, the plate is gone. So do I make 2 meals, yes, more than I like to admit but at least they eat and dont ask for separate meals.  (IE going to 4 drive-thrus to get what everyone wants..EFF THAT , you eat where we go or you dont eat, simple as that)

I will never ignore screams.  Ahh, this is tough.  There is a difference in screams and if you have a kid you know what I mean.  If I hear that I go running.  If its not one of 'those' screams, I tune it out.  I have no problem letting them throw a fit on the floor. People look at me like Im crazy but hey , my kid isnt screaming bloody murder in the store (eeek yet)

I will not curse in front of my kids.  I should have known that wouldnt happen.  Im a sailor and drop F-Bombs all the time.  I really need to quit it, I have2 parrots that follow me everywhere. That and its embarrassing when I stub my toe in public and all I hear from the cart is "Oh Shit, mommy you ok?" 

I will not let the TV babysit my kids.  I dont have a problem with TV.  I love TV.  I do have a problem with parents who plant the kids in front of it for hours upon hours so they dont have to deal with them.  Do I do it?  Sure.  Ill pop in Dora or a Elmo movie so I can finish dinner or do the dishes or some other mundane chore that has to be done and I need them away for a few.  When thats done, we go play.  I dont use it as a 8-hour babysitter, just 20 minutes here and there.  Thats ok right?

I will not give my kids candy.  For the first year, I stuck to this.  No sweets.  I got so mad at my mom one time for giving them a sip of a shake that I cried. It was my rule and I didnt want it broken.  Since then, they eat candy.  They eat ice cream.  They eat cake.  They eat it all, but in moderation and not every day. If they eat all of their dinner, why cant they have (literally) a spoonful of ice cream?  They dont get it daily so I dont see the harm.  Im not gonna lie, M&Ms are great bribes, so are snow cones.  :)

Anyway, we all have said it in the past.  When I have kids, blah blah blah.  Reality is, you really dont have a clue what you will and wont do until you have kids.  Ive stuck to my guns but have loosened the grip.  Im sure there is someone out there who will give me a disapproving look but oh well. All I can do is do the best I can and hope I dont screw up to much.

What are some things that you said youd never do?

Friday, August 5

Kids say the darnedest things

The kids give me constant entertainment.  Sometimes the things they say make me go huh? and then make me laugh.

For instance

Cole: Mom, go away
Me: Where do you want me to go?
Cole: I dont know (in a very high pitched i DONT KNOW sound like hes questioning something in his head)

Elyse (Shrieking in the back of the car)
Me: Hey, thats enough
Elyse: Hey is for horses
Me: (In my head) Huh?  I wasnt expecting that

While walking to the car through the sprinklers
Cole: Water
Me: Yes sweetie come on
Cole: Its raining
Me: No its the sprinklers
Cole: No its RAINING (then he begins to dance)

Daddy: Where did you get that?
Elyse:  Its not your business
And so it begins.

This happens nightly.
Elyse is playing in their room.
Cole is in the living room.
Me: Cole, heres your cup, can you take this to Elyse?
Cole: Yes mommy.
He then runs to the door yelling "Elyse Elyse Elyse"
He drops to his knees and yells "Im coming Elyse, IM COMING" as he wiggles his fingers under the door.
He then opens the door, hands her whatever it was (usually her cup) and says "Here", leaves and shuts the door.
He then repeats.
In living room, yells "Elyse", runs to door while yelling "Im coming Im coming", kneels down, wiggles his fingers under the door, stands up, opens door then says "Hi Elyse" then closes the door. And repeat.

And finally, this was yesterday on the drive home.
Elyse: Mommy
Me: What baby
Elyse: I dont want to go home
Me: Ok where do you want to go
Elyse: Go bye bye
Me: To where
Elyse: To get donuts
Me: Why donuts?
Elyse: I take donuts to pool
Me: Ok sweetie
Elyse: Mommy
Me: Yes baby
Elyse: I need ice cream
Me: Giggles, Ok baby
Elsye: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Wednesday, August 3

Wordless Wednesday

He orchestrates the circus,

as she eyes the cotton candy.

Tuesday, August 2

The Greatest Show on Earth

We did it. We went to the circus. With two 2-yr olds.  And they LOVED it.

Here's a recap.
Im not sure how much they understood, but the whole drive there, the two kept saying "Going to circus, see elephants, going to circus, see elephants"  They seemed really excited to go,even if they had no idea what the circus was.

 We got there early so we went down to the floor to watch the pre-show.  Cole freaked out and wouldnt let go of anyone.  Elyse was ecstatic and kept pointing and saying "Look, whoaaaaaaaaaa, Look"  This is her impersonating the elephants.
(Use your imagination since you cant hear her making the noise)

Im not sure what it is about glow sticks, but they will keep my kids entertained for a long time.

I dont know about you, but when I think circus I think of clowns and cotton candy. Consider dinner spoiled.

They stared intently at the show, even if they wouldnt sit in their chairs 100% of the time.

And of course more cotton candy and some popcorn

Cole was super excited about the elephants, especially the baby elephants.

When they left the arena, he kept yelling "Bye bye baby elephants, bye bye"

They were my favorite too.

Im so glad we got to spend the day having so much fun, even if it ended with sugar rushes.
Who says you cant eat cotton candy for dinner?