Friday, May 27

Phone Call

Today, the husband is staying home with the kids.  This is the phone call I just got.

Husband:  Your daughter has something to tell you.
Me:  Ok
Elyse: Mommy your crazy
Me: Thanks baby, put daddy on the phone.
Me: Did you tell her that?
Husband:  No, listen

Husband (on speaker)  Whats your name?
Elyse:  Elyse Graham
Husband:  Whats his name?
Elyse:  Cole Graham
Husband: Whats my name?
Elyse: Daddy Graham
Husband: And whats Mommy's name?
Elyse:  Mommy's Crazy

I guess thats what I get , who knows what they will be saying when I get home.

Thursday, May 26

Bath Time

The kids are obsessed with water.  They love everything about it.  They run through puddles, splash in the sinks, and swim in the tub. 

They understand how water comes out of the faucets and have figured out how to turn them on to wash their hands.  Daily, Elyse will say "Mommy wash hands"  as she pushes the potty next to the sink, climbs up and turns on the water.  She then washes her arms, face and hair while throwing the water everywhere. Hey, whatever makes them happy right?

For whatever reason, they love the bathtub, even when it is not bath time. This is what I walked into yesterday after leaving the room for a few minutes.

Yup, they were playing in the tub.  She took the wash clothes and putting all the ducks to sleep.

He kept throwing his car out to go "Nite-Nite", climbs out of the tub yells "Wake up Car" and throw it back in the tub. Hed jump back in and start all over.

Thats when she decided to put the soap holder to sleep as well. 
And yes her shoes are on the wrong feet, she did it herself.
At least they are on her feet instead of her hands like they normally are.

Wednesday, May 18

Wordless Wednesday

Because you need a hat, a cup and a purse to go to the pool

Tuesday, May 17

Im breaking out

I finally got some pictures from last weekend so an update is in order. You remember when I mentioned Jailbreak in this post?  It was time.

This 'race' was purely fun, it wasnt even timed.  It did have a clock so we watched that to estimate how 'fast' we finished.  The plan was to finish, have fun, and get dirty.  4 miles in heat and almost completely uphill, we were not expecting us to be quick by any means.

Here is one of our 'before' pictures.
So clean with our white stripped shirts.  BTW, we painted the stripes on with fabric paint and they 'shrunk'  We had to stretch them out and wiggle our way in them.  Hilarious, luckily, they loosed up after a while.

Before the race began, we must stretch.

Thats our tree pose, holding a tree. LOL, we were very amused.

At 12 sharp the race began.  I failed and did not bring a water proof camera me, one of these days I will remember to bring one.   Because of my fail, we have no pictures DURING the race, except for the end.

Here's the recap, I hope to keep this short and sweet.

We started jogging and we reached horse saws (?) where we had to leap over.  Times like these I hate being 5' 1" but leaped I did.  The ran UP hill and through the woods (off to grandmas house we go)  Im not kidding, hill after hill after hill.  Sheesh but we plowed through it and met up with the junk cars. We leaped over the 2 cars, Im short people, so I kinda climbed over them.   Then guess what was next...thats right more hills.  Im not kidding when I say it was up hill the ENTIRE time.

Next came the pipes, we drove in and crawled through the mud and climbed back out on solid ground.  My thrift store shoes were holding up very well at this point, I was so proud of my cheapness.  After another hill, we met the hay bells.  I think they have it in for me.  I jumped up and over.  This is where we met 2 people from California.  We chatted and laughed as we walked up ANOTHER hill.  At the corner, we took off to meet the tires.  We then went downhill for a split second until we entered the woods and began our trek back up hill.  Enter sandpit.  Running...errr...jogging in a sand pit is not easy with muddy feet.  Can we say 500lbs added? 

After that we greeted the rocks.  There were road blinkies on the rocks and I said "I guess we are supposed to follow those"  We heard a soft voice to our right "Hey over here, come this way"  So we climbed the rocks and headed towards the guy waving his arms at us.  At this point, we were wondering how long we had been out there.  The sun was beating down and we were dying to cool off. 

Enter the slide.  Yes the slide.  A ginormous slip and slide completely DOWNHILL  The water felt so good as we dove strait down it.  We exited to the left and jogged to the finish.  Sorta.  We came to the wall.  This wall was not high and did NOT look complicated.  I stopped to wait and the guy in front says "Its slick so run up it and grab on to the rope and pull yourself over"  Noted and I took off.  I went up , slipped, grabbed the rope, pulled myself over and waiting for my partner to get up to meet me.  She ran, slipped, grabbed rope and pulled.  I thought, shes got it, so I climbed on over.  Yea she didnt. She pulled and pulled and pulled and slid down.  I felt horrible that I didnt stay up there and help but off we went. 

We got the mud pit. It was not mud.  It was wet sand and my knees are still beat up because of it.  To finish you had to barrel roll through a sand pit.  It was glorious.

It was so much fun, as you can tell.

Sadly, we did not escape prison but we had fun tyring.

This is us heading to take a shower, sand should NOT be in some places in your body.

Ahh all clean, kinda

Our time?
57 minutes and some change.  Not too bad for  4 miles, uphill, in Tx heat with walking and talking.

Were thinking of making this a yearly event, it was a great way to spend the weekend.

Why run?

Ill say it.  Ill finally admit it.  Im a runner.  Never in my dreams, err nightmares, did I ever think that I would enjoy running.  Oh how life has changed.

From what I used to dread, I know look forward to.  Its my time to clear my head.  Its my time to sort through things that I dont have time to think about when Im taking care of the kids or working.  Its my ME time.

This time last year, I ran my first REAL 5k.  I have run them before but I would walk or just joke around.  I was nervous that Id trip, lets face it, Im pretty clumsy, or worse not be able to finish it.  33 minutes later, I finished with a starting point.

I began to run a little more every week.  It became easier, I became faster.  I am by no means fast, but Ill get there, one day.  Then I decided to push myself.  I set my New Year's Resolutions (Crap I just realized I set the title to 2010, not 2011, Ill correct)  2 half marathons, 1 full marathon and 1000 miles.

To date I have 1 half marathon completed and have logged 216 miles on my feet.  Im a little behind but nothing I cant handle.  I will complete this.

Why you ask?

Because its for me.  Its to prove to me that I can do it.

A year ago, the thought of a casual 9 mile run terrified me.  I now look forward to Saturday mornings where I know I have an hour and half to clear my head.  To know that I have time set aside, for me.  Selfish?  Maybe, but everyone needs me time.

Last night I went for a short 4 mile run.  Whoever would have thought that Id say 4 miles is short when 1 mile scared me to death?  Not me thats for sure.  Anyway, it was a GREAT run.  The first 1.5 mile was a breeze.  I was looking over the lake, with a clear head, and tears came strolling down my face.  There was no reason for it, they just came.  Its like some inner peace that came over me and the tears were the release.  At mile 3, I checked my watch.  It said 31 minutes. I thought "Oh man, Im gonna get this 4 under 40"  I tend to set small goals so I can see progress.  Im the person that if I dont see progress, I move on.  Anyway, I picked it up and finished in 39.55  Gaol made, 4 miles under 40 minutes.  The next goal is to get 5 miles under 50 then to get that darn 10k under an hour.

Baby steps.

And its all for me.

Tuesday, May 10

For your giggling pleasure

I dont have much to say today, so Im going post a video that makes me giggle.  I love how they can giggle at each other, over nothing.

Yes, Elyse, it IS funny.

Saturday, May 7

2 year Stats

We went to the doctor for the kids 2 year check up.  Here are their latest stats.

His head is measuring 19 in.
35.5 in tall
26 lbs
He is in the 50% for weight and 25% for height.  He was in the 80% but he has slowed down a bit lately but he is still getting bigger day by day.  Hes going to be a football player.  He doesnt look that big but hes a brick to pick up.  He will be tall, thats a given.  He loves his car and his puppy as they do not leave his side.  He tucks them in at night and says good night to them both.  He loves scaring you by saying boo and then coming up to make sure your ok.  He loves to dance even if it looks like he is just jumping up and down.  He has found his ..ummm...penis and giggles when he pulls it.  I can only hope this will fade but I'm sure it will not.  Hes a climber and is shy when he gets somewhere new.  He gives the best hugs and better kisses, open mouth and all.  He takes care of Elyse and is mommy's little helper. I hope he never leaves this stage.

Her head is measuring at 18.5 in.
34 in tall
23.4 lbs
She is in the 50% for height and 10% for weight.  She is so skinny but is slowly getting bigger and bigger. Its still looking like she will be long and lanky, or willowy as the doctor says.  Everything checked out great.  She talks in paragraphs, well compared to Cole, and climbs on everything.  She loves babies, as if you didnt know, and is very caring.  Shes a mommas girl..  The next step is potty training.  Shes ready, even if were not. Shes very girly, not sure where she got that from .  She loves her shoes and to dance and sing.  She gives Cole the hugs and will tell you I love you.  She tells you your are pretty and that she stinks.  Its very entertaining.  She loves attention and makes sure you are watching her to show off.  Shes the sweetest girl youll ever  meet, even if shes ornery at times. 

She is very girl, he is very boy. 
She talks, he climbs. 
She sits on the potty, he pees on the wall.

They are growing up too fast, I wish I could stop time even if just for a moment.

Friday, May 6

Some things never change

I am not a sweet person.  I can eat a Hershey Kiss and Im good on chocolate.  White chocolate, its another story, Ill eat a whole bar if Im in the mood for it.  But in general, I dont do sweets.  They are just not my thing.  The kids, on the other hand, love their cake, ice cream and whatever else they can manage to get their hands a hold onto.

For example.  Last night I asked Elyse what she wanted for dinner.  She says "Cake" Your not eating cake for dinner.  "Hot Sauce"  Your not eating hot sauce for dinner.  "Ice Cream" Your not eating ice cream for dinner.  "Coooookies" Your not eating cookies for dinner.  "Wizzler" (Twizzler) Only if you go potty.  "Ok mommy" and she took off to the bathroom and played with the potty.

Their love for sweets have not changed.  They way the eat them have, sorta.

One year ago, this is how they ate cake.

Fast forward to now, this is how they eat cake.

At least shes cleaning her hands right?

Wednesday, May 4

Tuesday, May 3

Its my party and Ill eat frosting if I want to

This weekend we had a small get together to celebrate the twins 2nd birthday.  They had so much fun ooohing and ahhing over everything and everyone that attended.

Dont they look A LOT alike in this picture, weird

For some reason he was scared when the lion growled.  After awhile he got used to it and wouldnt get off of it.

Of course, there were lots of presents.
They particularly liked the dancing pizza Elmo.  Its creepy.  The pizza has a face and it sings.  Elyse is now running around the house yelling "Yummy yummy pizza pizza"  "Dance elmo dance"  Its super cute, but it is still creepy.

She got a baby stroller, which she would NOT let out of her sight and immediately put her baby inside of it to take her for a walk.

Cole was in aww of all the books he got to open.  Especially the Spongebob book and the hippo book.  He would not let go of any of them.

Most of all, they liked their cars.  They drove them all over the house and kept running into the walls.  Guess who else got to take a ride?

Thats right, her baby and his puppy.  They had to join in the fun.

Next it was time for cake.

They LOVE Elmo so we figured it be easy enough to do.  They blew out their candles and dug into their cakes.

And by dug in, I mean ate only the frosting.  I tired to feed her a bite in which she responded with "No mommy, I can do it myself"  She turned into a 5 year old in two seconds.

She looks like a clown.

He is on a major sugar high.

Happy Birthday Babies

Monday, May 2

Things Ive meaning to do, May

The Lazy mom is at it again.  Im really liking this list of stuff Ive meant to do but just havnt got around to it. Do you remember my list from last month? So here it goes for May.

First off, the play area did get cleaned, yippee.

As did the table (Its covered with a plastic table cloth for a party, more on that later)

Unfortunately, most of the stuff got put into another room that has a stack of clothes Ive been meaning to separate in donate and sell pies, add it to the list.

Half of what was on the table got hung on the wall,

The other half have not.  This wall really needs its pictures back.

I really need to clean my car out, its very lived in at the moment.

Ive also been meaning to put up all the super cheap books that I have accumulated in the last few months instead of hidding them next to the nightstand.

Or at least finish the one I started a month ago.

See Im halfway there,

So what have you been meaning to do?  Go link it up on Lazy Moms site and I promise, you wont feel that you so behind.