Tuesday, September 27

10 Day Challenge and other randomness

Its been a few days so let me catch you up.  The kids are great, into everything and talking up a storm.  I had a great weekend of shopping and relaxing.  If you still haven't gone to JBF for your kids clothes, your missing out, seriously.  I got most of the kids winter stuff and only spent $100.  Im going back on Thursday for half off and I hope to finish it out for less than $50.

If you haven't been ready for the last week, heres a quick look at this 10 day Challenge (I feel like its been going on forever)

Day 1 Secrets
Day 2 Loves
Day 3 Fears
Day 4 Wants
Day 5 Places
Day 6 Food

You back?  I know its a lot.

Which brings me to Day 7,   Books

4. Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews
Flowers in the Attic (Dollanganger Series)

This was the first book I read then went and watched the movie.  This book/movie made me understand that the books are always better than the movie.  I think I was about 12 when I read this book, but it was still good enough to make me want to see the movie. Win.

3. The Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton
Im not really sure what the series is named but its great.  Its a series that you dont have to read in order, but I have/am, and its quick but great.  U is for Undertow is the next one that I have to get to, Im just waiting for it to get to Half Price Books.

2.  Winter Prey by John Sanford
The Prey Series is fantastic.  This is another one that you dont have to read in order, but it helps sometimes.  If your going to start this, start with this one.  It is great.

1. 5 People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

This book is short.  This book is an easy read.  This book will change the way you interact with people.  It amazes me how a smile or a smart ass comment can make or break a stranger.  You help/guide someone everyday without you evne knowing it.  You need to read this book.  It wont take long, but it will open your eyes.

Thursday, September 22

10 Day Challenge, Day 6

I took a break yesterday because ... well ... I havnt talked about the kids for a few days so I took a break to share some pictures.

But now Im back on this Challenge.
To recap:
Day 1 Secrets
Day 2 Loves
Day 3 Fears
Day 4 Wants
Day 5 Places

Are you back?  All caught up?  Lets continue.

5 Foods
I didnt know if this meant foods I love, foods I want to try, foods I hate or what so I made up my own rules.  Im going to list 5 foods that I can eat almost any meal, any day, any time.

5. Pizza.  I love pizza.  I, however, cannot eat it everyday, but I can eat it every other day and Id be ok.  I love all pizza.  Thick crust, think deep dish,  with lots of cheese and jalapenos suits me just fine.

4. Chips.  I have no idea why I like chips so much but I can eat and eat and eat them till I cant move.  Then I eat some more.  I love all chips but my complete weakness is chips with queso and salsa.

3. Kurdische Pizza.  I lived in Germany and these were everywhere.  OH.MY.GRAVY.  My mouth is just watering thinking about this thing. First the meat is cooked like this:
And then it is put on this flat bread covered in this spicy wonderfullness (yes thats a word) and wrapped up.
Its like like this but instead of a sandwich, is more of a wrap with a lot more seasonings.
There was a place in Addison that did this perfectly but they have moved and I have no idea where they are.  I need to find another real Kurdische Kabob place that taste just like it does over seas.  

2. Sushi.  Sushi makes me happy.  I never really liked it before but now I love it.  I crave it.  But I dont like the fishy stuff.  I love the crab, shrimp, salmon, tuna and all the wasbi I can handle.  Oh I love some sushi.

1. So I have to end on the one food that no matter the day or time or how many times Ive eaten it, I will never say no to it.  Mexcian food.  I love it all.  Any kind, Ill eat it.  Ill try new stuff at any restaurant but Im hooked on enchiladas.  I love them.  And beans.  And quesadillas.  And tacos. And chimichangas. And burritos.  Get the point yet?  I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD.

Ok now that I am drooling over my keyboard, what is your favorite food?

Wednesday, September 21

Wordless Wednesday

She really needs hair. She can really pass for a boy when shes in Coles clothes.
Maybe I should stock her up on bows.
Oh wait, you need hair for that.

Tuesday, September 20

10 Day Challenge, Day 5

Do you have a bucket list?  I have one, but it is a work in progress. On the list I have so far is to step foot on every continent and to see the 7 natural wonders of the world among other things. Who knows if Ill ever get this done, but Im sure going to try.  Saying this, today's challenge is easy.  I am supposed to list 6 places Id like to visit

6 Places

6. Niagara Falls  Its gorgeous, from pictures, and who wouldnt want to go.  Id love to swim in it somehow but I dont think that is possible.

5. Stonehenge  This amazes me.  I have no idea why I want to see this so bad, I just do.  And Id get to go to to England too so thats a plus.

4.Grand Canyon  Again, Im in awe.  Ive heard its breath taking and Id loooove to see it for myself.  Also, when I do go, I will climb down it, with or without a donkey.  Some call me crazy, but I dont care, I will do it.

3. Greece.  While I lived in Europe, I went everywhere whenever I could (give schedules and that someone would come with me)  I didnt make it to two places I really wanted to go.  See #5 for the first and the second is Greece.  Ill make it back someday.

2. Egypt.  I really just wanna see the pyramids.  Ok thats a lie.  I want to ride a camel.  I want to stay in a pyramid (Can you do that?)  I want to get henna (Is that the way to say that?)  I want to see the tombs.  I want to be surrounded by something and I have no idea how it came to be.  (I know people built the pyramids it just baffles me how much they did with hands and chisels and who knows what else they used, its amazing)

1. Alaska.  Specifically, I want to take an Alaskan Cruise.  Look at this and tell me you wouldnt want to go?

And you can see the Northern Lights from there.

Now if someone wants to sponsor me to go to these places, I wouldnt argue. I wont even do the whole deny twice then accept the offer.  You offer, Im taking it, no questions asked.

Any takers?
Yea I didnt think so. 
One day
One day

Monday, September 19

10 day Challenge

If you have been keeping up with this 10 day Challenge, yea.  If you are a little behind catch up here for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Today is Day 4, obviously.  (Ohh, that may have come off snotty, my bad)

7 Wants
For this day, Im going to be selfish and state what I want and not state the obvious.  I want a million dollars, I want my kids to be happy, I want to be stress free, I want not to worry.  You know, mostly what everyone ones.  Im going to be selfish on this, its a warning, so dont judge.

7. I want a Beach House.  I dont want to live on the beach.  I just want to own something on the beach that I can go to at any time, lay on a hammock and listen to the waves.  The thought of this makes me very happy.  You know, a little place like this:

6. I want to have some fashion sense.  I am clearly a t-shirt and jeans, Im gonna be comfy kind of attitude.  I dont get fashion, 95% of it I think looks ridiculous.  BUT, I would love to have someone dress me and my not have to pay for it.  I just dont get it.  So until that happens, jeans it is.

5. When I get rich, it will happen one day, I want my dream kitchen.  I have it planned in my head.  I want it very modern with granite and hidden appliances and pull out drawers with the additional pull out drawers in the drawers (does that make sense)  I want double ovens and a HUGE pantry.  Im talking butcher blocks and huge sinks. Oh I have plans.
Something like this, but not  :)

4. I want a spa day.  I want a day for me.  I want a pedicure, a facial, a massage, a mud bath and for me to sleep with the sweet sounds of nothing as I inhale lavender.  Ahhhh

3. I want to be creative.  I can re-create anything, its the coming up with things thats the hard part.  Enter Pinterest  Seriously, where has this been all my life?

2. I want a spring form pan.  Thats not too much for a girl to ask for is it?  Oh the cheesecakes I could make with one of these babies. 

1.Finally, this is just silly.  But ever since I saw Patch Adams , Ive wanted to swim in a pool of noodles.  Silly yes.  Would it be awesome?


Going to the Park

Ok, so apparently we live at the park.  Whenever there is free time, we go to the park. Its gotten to the point where I pick them up from daycare and they both yell "Lets go Park Mommy,  Castle Park, Castle Park"  Its free and it lets the kids run around like crazy and get some energy out.  Who likes to be locked up in the house all day?  Not me, thats for sure.  It is a win win.

Anyway, this weekend, we found ourselves at the park on a couple of occasions.  They discovered the tire swing for the first time.  It was hilarious watching them swing back and forth, trying to get off and on while trying to help each other.

*Notice UT Jerseys, Hook em Horns \m/*

So the next day, they were going crazy and squealing like banchees so I took them back.  As you can see, she refused to take off her TuTu.  Who does it really harm?  It is not a battle I want to fight so she wore it to the park.

I then got them to find some sticks so they could ring the bells.  This is what Cole grabbed.

Stick, no.  He grab a small tree limb.

After playing for a bit, they discovered that at the bottom of the stairs there were holes.  And they could put the sticks (well the mulch or whatever that stuff is) in the holes until they were full.

They literally sat here, filling the holes, for about 40 minutes.

Im starting to consider getting them a box for Christmas, they will be entertained for hours.

Sunday, September 18

10 Day Challenge, Day 3

Day 3 of The 10 Day Challenge
8 Fears

8.  Losing my job.  Or at least losing my job and not having something lined up.  You see we got bought out.  My job is up in the air at this moment and I have no idea if I will have a job after Christmas.  Time will tell, just scares the bejeebers out of me.

7. Loss.  Specifically, the loss of Cole or Elyse.  I have no idea what I would do or how I would deal if something tragic happened to them.  It would literally kill me.  I dont want to think about this at all.

6. On the other hand, Im scared that something will happen to me and the two of them will have to grow up without me.  I am not scared to die, Im scared of them being without me. Again, I dont want to think about this. 

5. Snakes.  All snakes, even the 'nice' garden snakes.  I will have an instant panic attack and freak the hell out.  I will not even go near the glass cages at the zoo, my kids on the other hand have no fear.  Do they not get that either one of them will be snake food if they get too close?
UGHGHG I can feel it on me.  Im creeeped out just looking for a picture of one. *shivers*

4. Clowns.  They just freak me out. This guy ruined any hope of me liking clowns in my lifetime.

Then you add Killer Klowns from Outer Space?  Yea clowns freak me out.

3. Thunder.  Now its weird but I love lightening storms.  The loud thunder that follows, not so much.  I jump 50 ft every time.

2. Being Alone.  Now I dont mean alone, as in single or being alone at the house.  What I do mean is alone alone.  As in, my kids are gone, I have no one, no friends, no family no nada in my life.  Its just me.  That would suck and I dont wish that on anyone.

1. Heights.  Im talking knees buckling, chest tightening, panic. This terrifies me.

Ive stood on a floor just like this in Australia and paniced.  Everyone was entertained, I was scared out of my mind.  The I went to Pairs.  I had to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I cried the whole way up.  When In Sweden, there is a cable car that goes strait up the mountain.  Im talking like this | strait up and down.  And I cried again.  And yet, I still go.  I still do these things.  I still skydived. I still walked, well crawled very slowly over the highest suspension bridge in the world. 
 See where the people are right in the middle?  Thats where I buckeled and I had to crawl the rest of the day.  Its just getting there or standing on what appears to be nothing makes me go all crazy.

If I make it to Vegas, you think Ill ride either one of these?

I just got a little shaky just thinking about it.

Saturday, September 17

10 Day Challenge, Day 2

This is Day 2 of my 10 Blog Challenge.

9 Loves

These first 2 are obvious, but Im naming them anyway

9. Cole.  Especially Coles sloppy sloppy kisses.  He more licks than kisses but I love it either way.  I love that everything he says sounds like a question and he clings to me when hes somewhere new.  I love that he wears my sunglasses and gets so excited when I pick him up from daycare.  I love that he says "Lub you mommy" without being prompted.

8. Elyse. She is a Diva and thinks she runs everything.  I love that she says "I love my Hethur" and has no fear.  I love that she watches after Cole and never really leaves his side.  I love that she sings, even if it is off key, and dances like a crazy person. I love that her smile has a gap and she has little hair.

7. I love hummus.  Oh.My.Gravy. do I love hummus.  From the first time I tried it, I cant get enough.  It prompted me to make my own and now I eat it all the time.  I have been know to lick the bowl and I cant scoop anymore.  Its that good.

6. I love the show Friends  This is by far the best TV show ever.  I wish it never went off the air and Im still hoping that a movie will be made.  One can hope.
5. Oh fun socks.  I loooooooooove socks, but with cute designs on them.  I dont do boring, hell even my running socks are colorful.  My drawer is full of holiday themed and other random socks shaped like cows and who knows what else.

4. Cheesecake.  Im not a sweet person, but if you put cheesecake in front of me, I will eat it.  The Cheesecake Factory is a bad place for me to be.

3. Books.  Specifically murder mystery books.  I love to read but I dont want fiction.  I want blood, I want gore, I want to read something that takes me away from reality for a bit.  I really dont care if it teaches me anything, I want to get away, so I read.

2. Trashy TV.  Yes I admit it, Im killing brain cells but I cannot resit Real Housewives, Jersey Short, cooking shores, or any other reality tv trash that is out there.

1. Pinterest.  Holy shitballs, where have I been? So many people mention this site and yet I never looked.  I am not creative, but this site lets me think I can be.  I can re-create anything.  This site is the best at giving me ideas.  Oh man, the things I will do wtih the kids because of this site.

Has anyone else decided to do this yet? 

Friday, September 16

10 Day Challenge

Its been a long week preparing for JBF and my fingers are aching.  Therefore, I am going to take a break from the kid pictures, well we will see, and do a Blog Challenge.  I keep reading that I need to tell more about me so that readers can relate with me and 'know who I am' over the inter webs.  Thinking of this, I really need to set up the About Me page.

Anyway, after stalking reading about peoples lives, I came across The Mean Girl Diaries.  10 days of get to know me seemed easy enough so here goes nothing.  (Is that proper English?)

This Blog Challenge is 10 days, each day revealing new things that no one knows.  Well you might know but for the most part you dont.

Day 1 10 Secrets
Day 2 9 loves
Day 3 8 Fears
Day 4 7 wants
Day 5 6 places
Day 6 5 foods
Day 7 4 books
Day 8 3 films
Day 9 2 songs
Day 10 1 photo of yourself
Today is Day 1, 10 Secrets
10. I am a control freak.  I like need to know what is happening, when it is happening and why.  I do know why I do this, I just cant seem to figure out how to stop it.  Slowly Ill let go, I just dont see that happening any time soon.
9. I do not like chocolate.  I dont know what it is, but I just cant eat it.  Now saying this, when its 'that time' I get a craving for some and I eat a Hershey kiss and Im good.  Id rather eat a package of shock tarts or eat spoonfuls of jalapenos out of a jar.  Odd, I know.
8. I get stage fright.  I do not like talking in front of large groups, or any size group for that matter.  I hate people staring at me waiting to see what I will say next.  I get all hot and sweaty, I start to shake, and then I start tripping over my words.  It is not good.  For this reason, I suck in interviews.
7. Im a list person.  (Go figure)  I have list everywhere.  Lists of things to do, list of recipes, list of ingredients, lists of things needed to buy, lists of things for kids, lists of people to call.  This list could go on and on, go figure.  It just makes sense to me.
6. I LOVE the smell of bleach.  I really wish someone put that smell in a candle.  Id stock up.  Nothing is better than coming home and smelling bleach.  Its the best.
5. Speaking of smells, I literally smell everything.  Name it, I smell it.  I smell chairs, fridges, couches, my finger after I itch my ear (gross I know) , sinks, food when Im cooking.  I have an odd sense of smell and I can smell everything, so I do.  Its habit now.
4.  I pick my nose.  I admit it.  I cant help it.  If I feel a booger, I have to get it.  Sue me.
3. When I go to someones house, I raid their pantry.  I dont take anything, I just randomly go over, open it, and look around.  I have no idea why I do this, curiosity I guess.
2. YEA, I learned to crack an egg with one hand.

*Please ignore my nails, I rip them off, always have, always will.
*Please ignore the shell that fell in the egg, I did it with one hand, thats all that matters

1. I graduated high school with a 4.0  Im kinda smart like that  :)

Thursday, September 15

Lets go on the big Slide

While at my moms house, the kids get full joy out of playing on the jungle gym that is in her back yard.  Both kids have no fear, this has not always been the case, and jump to the top of the slide, ride the swings, and attempt to see-saw all by themselves.

Twins amaze me (Or maybe this happens with all siblings) They really like each other.  Sure they fight, but they always check in with the other and stand up for each other, as much as 2 year olds can.  Im always in awe how much they care for each other. 

Take this afternoon.

It began with him leading as he slides down the slide, notice her following him.

After he gets to the bottom, he stands there to cheer her on.

He literally kept saying "Come on Elyse, go slide, go slide"  Then hed clap when she sat and take off to climb  the ladder again

Its like a roller coaster I guess,
And no she is not wearing shoes, she is like her momma in that way.

He would slide again (with her following of course)

And wait for her at the bottom,

And cheer for her to follow him down the slide,

Yea Elyse, YEA ELYSE

Do all brother/sisters do this or is this a twin thing?
Either way, I love it.

Wednesday, September 14