Thursday, July 28

Big Kid Beds

Ive been going back and forth for awhile debating on whether or not to move to kids to toddler beds.  They do not climb out of the cribs, unless there is something next to it that they can pull themselves over the top, so I didnt see any rush to move them.

Then it dawned on me.  They are 27 months old.  Its time.  What was I waiting for?  Reality is, I wasnt ready.  They can open doors and I didnt want them coming in and out all night when they should be sleeping.  So I made the decision, toddler beds it is. 

Luckily my mom is fantastic about finding things for SUPER cheap.  I told her I needed bedding of some sort for the new beds but didnt want to spend $50 on them.  (Seriously, its a toddler bed, why is it so much?)  Anyway, within days she found sets for both kids for $7, no Im not kidding, shes that good.  These included the sheets, pillow cases and the comforter.  I had no more excuses.

Out came the beds.  I set up their room to reflect a 'big kid' room which included the beds, table, puzzles, drive thru McDs set up and the buckets full of all the other randomness. It was time.

I walked them both to their room and said "Look, you have big kid beds now"  You would have thought Santa himself was there.  Cole ran, I mean literally ran to his bed yelling "WHOAAAAAAA, bisquit-ball, soco ball, MY BEEEEEEEEEEED" and then began to jump on it.  I let him, its only a few inches from the floor, he cant hurt himself that much can he?  Elyse did the same, "Whoaaaaaaaaa, pretty flowers, flowers on my bed with allllllllllllllll my stuff"   

Now at this time, it is only about 5 o'clock.  Their bedtime is between 730/8 depending on how long bath time takes.  Anyway, they both nudged me out of the room saying "Mommy we got night night, we go night night"  I walked out.  After about 10 minutes of silence, I peaked in the room.

Both kids were laid in their beds and covered by their blankets.  Cole was reading and Elyse was pretending to snore.  She saw me and began to giggle and say "Mommy, go night night, go night night"

That night, they only came out of the room once and slept the entire night in their OWN beds.

Last night same thing.  I went to check on them and I had to take a picture.

Hes cradling his coffee cup and keeps Scout close.

She HAS to have EVERY baby and bear she owns to sleep.

At least they sleep,
In their OWN beds.

Wednesday, July 27

Tuesday, July 26

Toys-R-Us Vomit

Does everyone else's house look like Toys-R-Us puked?  I will be the first one to admit that my kids are spoiled.  They have so many toys and THINGS that I hide stuff and after a few weeks trade them out.  They think they are getting new stuff but they are just getting to play with new stuff.

I have said before, that I have a few OCD tendencies.  I like things in order, everything has its place.  Saying that, having 2-year old twins, things are rarely where they are supposed to be, even if it is an organised chaos
My solution?

Buckets.  They each have their own bucket that the put their toys away in.  They drag the thing around the house, which is fine with me, and fill it when its time to go to bed. They also sing a song, "Clean up, time to clean up, clean up, time to clean up" as the load up their buckets.  So far its working.

Maybe, one day, they will put everything away neatly.
Ill take what I can get now.

Monday, July 25

Age Recommendations

Do you pay attention to the age recommendations on kids toy packaging?  Personally, I dont.  If it has small pieces that look like they might break off, I wont give it to my kids.  A puzzle is a puzzle.  Yes some maybe harder than  others but its still a puzzle with large pieces, does it matter if it says 4+?

This brings me to chalk.  The package says that it is 3+.  The twins are just over 2 and I cannot see any reason why they cannot play with chalk just because they are not 3.  So what if they eat it draw on the wall, isnt that the point?  Besides that, they love to draw so why not let them go to town on the sidewalks.

Friday, July 22

I won an award :)

Yea, I believe this is my first.  I could have missed one along the way, but I have ADD so sue me.  Thanks to Life with Twins and a Drama Queen, I have been given the Butterfly Award.  I guess that make me cool....or maybe not.

The Rules:
  1. Link the person back who awarded you
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Answer the following questions below
  4. Award this to 15 bloggers

Here are 7 things about myself:

1. I have boy/girl twins that I conceived naturally, no drugs, no fertility treatments.
2. I am a full-blooded Tomboy, I can count on both hands the days that I have worn a dress/skirt in the last 15 years
3. I read blogs because Im curious how other people live and 'deal' with kids (Ok deal isnt the best word but you get what Im saying)
4. I am a control freak
5. I believe I have ADD and OCD, its a bad combination
6. 99% of books I read are murder mystery/horror novels. 
7. Im scared of clowns

Name your favorite color-

Name your favorite song-
Anything by Eminem but I REALLY like LMAFO Party Rock Anthem

Name your favorite dessert-
I hate chocolate and rarely eat sweets

What wizzes you off
People who smack when they eat.  Your not a flipping cow, close your damn mouth

When you’re upset you-
Clean or listen to my 'angry music'  IE Slipknot 

Your favorite pet-
One that is self sufficient
I have twins, I dont have time or energy to give to an animal that needs constant attention
Sounds bad, but at least Im honest
Your biggest fear-
Biggest? Losing one of my kids
Best feature-
Ive been told my rump, but Im saying my eyes
Its all perspective isnt it?
Everyday attitude-
Eff it, Im me and if you dont like it move on
What is perfection-
Something everyone thinks they want when in reality its unattainable
and you will drive yourself nuts trying to get it.
Guilty pleasure-
Jersey Shore and Real Housewives.

I’m awarding these 15 blogs!! Congratulations!!

Wednesday, July 20

Wordless Wednesday

Because they are getting so big, so fast

Tuesday, July 19

Im up to my ears in poo

Ok so yesterday I posted about our potty training attempts, remember?  I left the out a tidbit of the day out of the story because it defiantly needs its own post.

So if you remember, I ran out of big kid panties/undies and resulted to putting them both in pull ups. They sat down and watched some TV (I was doing dishes, dont judge) before they went down for their nap.

 I made the decision to put them in a diaper because A, pull ups leak when full and B, I didnt want to strip beds and have them sleep in poo, pee, or the combo of the two.

They walked to their room and started to go to sleep.  For about 20 minutes, silence.  Pure silence.  YEA, I sat down and started to read my book.  Then I heard it.  Elyse was screaming at the top of her lungs.  She does this often in her sleep so I let it go.  After a few minutes she didnt let up so I thought I should go check on them. 

I slowly opened the door and I am greeted with 2, TWO, naked kids standing at the edges of their bed. 

"Dang yall, where are your diapers"
They both point.
This is Coles diaper.
Here is Elyses.  (Which I may point out was about 5 feet from her bed, how she got it IN the bucket, I dont know)
I looked at them both and say "Well how did yall do that"
Elyse screams, "Elyse stinks, Elyse stinks"

I prepared myself to be picking up poo-filled diapers. As I bent down, as though she knew, she yelled "MOMMMMY Elyse bed STINKS"

I go "Huh"

Before I could do anything Elyse informed me that Coles bed stinks too.  He hadnt said a word since I walked in, only pushing his tiny little self against the edge of the bed.

And then I saw it.
Cole left me this:
And Elyse left me this:
Oh thats right, turds

His was 2 large ones that barley flushed.  Hers was the length on my hand.  I was completely grossed out but started laughing hysterically because the two of them were pinning themselves against the bed, completely AWAY from the poo.  Elyse kept saying "Mommuy, bed stink , bed stink"

So what did I do?  Grabbed the camera (Im horrible but itll be payback when they are 16)

After I cleaned it up, nap time was over even before it started.

About an hour later, I called my mom. 
"Mom, you wanna know what your grand daughter and son did?"
"Oh Lord what?"
"Elyse, tell Gramma what you did/"

Elyse, "Hi Gramma"
My Mom: "What did you do today?
Elyse " I pooped bed, Cole pooped bed, bed stinks.  Bye Bye, see you next time"

At least she got the logistics right.
Now if she would just strip off her diaper and go in the TOILET.

Monday, July 18

Potty Training, Round 1

Ive read everything I can about potty training, but Im stuck.  The books say wait unit the child is ready.
- Able to pull pants up and down, check
- Able to tell you when he/she has gone, check
- Able to follow directions, check
- Able to identify body parts, check
- Interested in the potty, check
- Holding bladder for 3-4 hours, check
- Excited about big girl panties, check

Simply enough right?  Elyse is no doubt ready but shes so stubborn.  She will say "Momma, pee, pee" and run to the bathroom.  She will then sit down, grunt, and say "All done" and run away.  On a VERY rare occasion she will go in the potty and she gets SUPER excited, we dance, she gets a Twizzler and we move on. 

I have also read that not to start or push potty training when changes are happening.  Its best to let the child go at their own speed.  Brings me to Cole.  He could care less.  He marks his spot and laughs.  He will however tell if he did poop, but nothing more.  He is NOT ready.

Things have calmed down at home and I had 3 days that I could sit and work with Elyse (Again, Cole could care less)  I started the day by taking her to the bathroom and sitting her down on her potty.  She insisted on brushing her teeth while she 'went' so I thought why not, it will get her to sit there. Unfortunately, she did not go, but I told her good job for trying.
I then put big girl panties on her and told her if she need to go, to tell me.  She said ok mommy and went to play.  Every 30 minutes Id ask her if she had to go in which she responded "No mommy"  About 2 minutes later I hear "Oh no" and I saw it dripping down her leg. (I guess I should just take her in there, but she wont sit and she fights it, and again I dont want to push) I grabbed her, took her to the potty and hope shed finish there.  No such luck.  She wanted to be on the BIG potty.  So we sat.
And sat
And nothing.

This went on for the rest of the day until we ran out of undies that she dripped in.  I then tried to let her be naked.  She LOVES to be naked so she went crazy and then peed on the couch. There was a lot of chasing  and laughing and filling her up with water to get her to go.  But she wont sit still long enough to go.  There was a whole lot of this,
And Cole did a whole lot of this,
(Arent under-roos the cutest)
He also jumped in the BIG toliet, played, and then peed on the floor.

Once the supply of undies were gone, I put them both in pull ups and they both did this.

Laid back, not a care in the world.

So heres my question, what do I do?  Shes ready, shes KNOWS what to do, and she knows when she has to go.   Im clueless as to what to do and I know all kids are different, but anyone have any advice. Im tired of diapers but I dont want to pressure erither one of them.  HELP

Friday, July 15

10 Randoms

Have you ever checked out HTP?  I love her site and she entertains me daily.  Im following suite, which Ive been doing a lot lately because Im a slacker when comes to taking pictures these days, and posting 10 things about me.  Here goes.

What do you have on your bedside table? 
I dont have a bed side table at the moment but on the floor NEXT to my bed is my book and phone.

Do you have a tattoo? 
I technically have 3, even if it looks like 2.  I have a tramp stamp, yup thats right, with a sun (tat #1) and tribal art (tat#2) around it.  I then have a blue and pink Taurus sign between my shoulders that represents the twins (Tat#3)  Ive got plans for at least 3 more, just nervous of how bad they will hurt.  One day Ill get over it and get them done.

Do you believe in abstinence prior to marriage?  
Nope, everyone has sex.  I did no practice this and no where do I expect my kids to do so when they get old enough to make that decision.  I do however think you should do it safely and smartly so you dont end up on 16 and Pregnant.  Believe me I dont want the kids to do it when , ummm,  I did, but reality is they probably will.  All I can do is prepare them to be smart about it and hope they make the decision on love instead of what all the cool kids are doing.

What is your worst habit? 
Ripping off my finger/toe nails.  Yes its gross, yes I know I shouldnt do it, its just habit and I wish Id quit it.

How do you handle finances in your relationship?  Or, how would you like to handle money in your future relationship? 
All the money is one account, makes it easier that way.  I pay the bills and keep it all balanced and on track.  Im kind of a control freak when it comes to money.  (Add that to bad habits, control freak)

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? 
Princess Banana Hammock LOL  (I hope you get the reference)  I like Jasmine but it sounds stirpper-esque  ( I hope no one is offended by that)  Ive always wanted something different, Heather...there are too many Heathers in this world

Where do you want to go on your next vacation? 
Alaska or back to Europe

What is one political cause you feel strongly about? 
Drug Testing for welfare or any other government assistance.  If you have money to buy drugs, you dont need money for groceries.  Im all for helping people out but you gotta wanna help yourself.  I shouldnt have to pay your way until you do.  Im just saying.

Have you ever stolen anything? 
Yes, more than Id like to admit

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
 Where do I start?  I have full conversations in my head but will not let the words part my mouth because I dont want people to think Im crazy.  I fold my underwear and have them in nice neat piles.  Lastly, if I lay around all day doing nothing, 9 times our 10, I dont take a shower.  Sue me. 

Wednesday, July 13

What on your mind Wednesday

So lets try this, Im just going to write out several of my random thoughts that I am having right now.  Here goes nothing.

My car is dented
Not by my doing
Its getting fixed
And Im getting a rent a car
I have no idea if I will have a job in 60 days
That makes me nervous
How will I pay rent?
Im scared
Im nervous
But Im doing something about it.
I hope my kids dont hate me one day
I hope they understand
I miss the little buggers
Only 5 hours till I see them again
Sometimes I wish I stayed home
Who am I kidding, no I dont
I wish Id win the lottery so I could show them the world and not stress about money
I need to find free things to go
Were going swimming
And Ill cover them in suntan lotion
His hair will be fine, its now shaved
Hers will stand up on all ends.
This picture just popped in my head LOL

One day she will have hair
One day she will get gum in it
One day he will put gum in it
Now I want some gum
Or maybe just some lunch.
I shouldnt skip breakfast.
I wonder how long the next 5 hours will take.
I want to go home.

And hows your day going?

Friday, July 8

Snack Time

How do your kids eat snacks?

Cole eats them whole pieces at a time.

Elyse hides her food so no one takes any.

Now go get you some snacks.

Thursday, July 7


Maybe it is becaue I was a waiter for sooooooooo long that tipping is second nature.  If you wait on my, unless you are a complete moron, you will get 20% from me. It is very rare that I only tip 15% but it happens, some people are just rude and shoudlnt even get that but I know you pay rent with what I give you so Ill write the 15%.  A complete douche will get 10% and I have only NOT tipped once or twice.  Long story but to sum it up, she was lucky I didnt walk the check.  Sorry, I digress.

Why are there tip jars EVERYWHERE?  For example, Starbucks.  I LOVE Starbucks.  At $5 a cup, do I need to tip you to make it?  Would I tip the cashier at McDonalds?  Hairdresser, food delivery, watiresses, I get it, tip.  Hell, you better tip.  But for me to tip you to do your job would be like me asking for a tip everytime I answered the phone.  Umm, thats part of my job, no tip nessecary.  It just doesnt make sense to me, or Im that cheap, Im not sure.

Ok Im off my rant.

Whats my point?  When I made my list, I tried to think of things that I wouldnt normally do.  This is where I came up with #92, Tip 100%  Now this maybe sound easy for some, but as I have mentioned, Im super cheap.  If the bill is $25, I will tip minium of $5 but to tip $25, yea not so sure about that (with the exception when a freiend is the bartender and 95% of my drinks are not charged, then yes I tip WAY too much but its give and take)  Even if the bill is $10, I still will second guess it all to tip 100%, did I mention Im cheap?

So here it is, my tip of 100%

Yes the bill is 4.33
Yes I tipped 4.67
Yes technically that is 108%, watch out big baller over here.

Its a step to lessen my cheapness, one way or another.
And in the mean time, I got another checked off my list.

Tuesday, July 5

Baby Youre a Firework

Happy Belated 4th of July.  Im assuming everyone did what we did it and went to watch fireworks.  These little buggers WOULD NOT SIT STILL until the show began.

Before they started, I loaded them down with snacks.  Our bag was filled with goldfish, watermelon, PB&J sandwiches, grapes and lemon Ade and it was attempt to distract the two of them until things got started.

Grapes were first.  Cole figured out to rip the grapes off of the vine before eating them, Elyse just shoved the whole stem in her mouth.

I believe that she has about 10 in her mouth, dont worry, I was very close in case they choked.

We then watched the planes.  They looked like they were watching a tennis match as they pointed and yelled "Mommy plane, plane mommy"

When the plane would dip out of sight, I would ask "Where did the plane go?"  In which Elyse would say "In the tree mommy, in the tree"

She really is momma's girl  :)

The fireworks began and the two of them didnt flinch.  Can you see his concentration? 

On another note, have you heard of raver kids?  You know people going to a rave with glow sticks and ...ummm...extra activities to heighten their senses?  Well, Elsye is practicing  :-\  She took her necklace and was waving it insanely while dancing and yelling "PRETTY , IM PRETTY "

When the fireworks were done, they cheered, literally.  As loud as they could "HOO-RAY, TADA, TADA YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FIREWORKS HOOOOOOOOOOOO-RAY"  And as we walked back the car Elyse shared the following, "Bye bye fireworks, you beautiful, bye bye fireworks, nite nite fireworks"

Friday, July 1

Night Night on Couch

9 times out of 10, the kids are great at bedtime.  All I have to say is "Ok kids its time to go to bed" they walk to get their babies and walk to their room.  The other night, Elyse decided that she wanted to go to bed early.  She grabbed her blanket, well its my blanket, and yelled "Mommy, I go night night on couch, night night on couch"  She cuddled up, put her head on the pillow, and began to snore out loud (as she giggled)

You might be wondering what shes staring at.

Cole is singing to the TV

He was not going to go to bed early.