Friday, April 27

When it rains, it pours

Have you ever got caught in the rain with no umbrella?
Have you ever got caught in the rain with 2 2 year olds, wiht no umbrella?
Or jackets? 

Texas weather is VERY fickle.  We will leave the house and it will be 20 degrees, at noon itll be 90 and at 5 itll be pouring.  This day was no different.  80 degrees or so so the kids did not have jackets, they were not needed.  The the sky opened up and down came the rain.

Did I mention I do not own an umbrella?  And the kids did NOT have jackets? 

Luckily, Im kind of a tom boy and alwasy have hoodies in my car.  We improvised.

They stayed dry.  Thats whole point isnt it?

Thursday, April 26

MMMM Tasty

Do your kids like fruit?  Mine ARE crazy about fruit.

Do your kids like chocolate?  Mine LOVE chocolate.  I have no idea where they get this from but they REALLY like it.  I guess all kids do.

Do your kids like chocolate covered fruit?  Mine...ummm....I dont think they understand HOW to eat the chocolate covered fruit.

Thats right, they LICK the chocolate THEN eat the fruit

Wednesday, April 25

Tuesday, April 24

Pickle Juice anyone?

If you know me, you know I love pickle juice.  I drink the left over juice out of the jars and people save it for me to drink when I go to their house, seriously.  Bahama Bucks recently added a pickle juice flavored snow cone and I was in HEAVEN.

My kids are no different.  They LOVE pickles.  They will eat and eat and eat until there are no pickles remaining.

Here is Cole, waiting for his dinner, on his 4th bowl of pickles, mouth stuffed.

She wanted a picture too, this is what she did.

I told her to sit up and smile, and I got this,

I told her to be serious and she did this,

Silly Kids

Monday, April 23

Eating at Rainforest Cafe

If you ever get the chance to eat at The Rainforest Cafe, especially with kids, I highly suggest it.  My kids LOVE animals so it was a perfect fit for us.

While waiting, we introduced ourselves to the frog.

And the alligator,

Once we got in, the kids were overwhelmed.  There is so much to see and to look at, Im not sure they knew what to do with it all.  After a bit, they took it all in and enjoyed all the animals around them.

Cole loved the aquarium

 And they loved their food and the balloon animals that were made for them.

At one point, Cole would not eat.  We convinced him that if he didnt eat his hot dogs (he had 2 mini ones) that the gorilla was going to come eat them.  I have never in my life seen a kid grab hot dogs and shove them in his mouth so fast.  He panicked because he could only get one in his mouth and he was begging with his eyes for someone to eat it so the gorilla wouldnt.  Every single person at the table was in tears from laughter.  I finally convinced him if he hid it, the gorilla couldnt get it.  He then put the hot dog upside down so the bun was covering it.  Every time the gorillas came alive, hed put his hand on top as to protect it.  I have never laughed so hard, I only wish I had it on video.

Everyone laughs at their kids right?

Friday, April 20

Feeding the Ducks, Part 2

You may remember when we fed the ducks last time.  You know, Cole got pooped on  and the swan 'bit' Elyse?  Good times. 

It was nice outside, so we decided to try again.

Well this time it was WAY too nice outside and everyone and their mom, literally, was at the pond was there to feed them.  Needless to say, the ducks were not hungry.

Elyse grabbed her bread and headed back to the car.

She was so sad that the ducks did not want to eat HER bread.  Next time, I guess.

Thursday, April 19

Going to the Drive In

I did it.  I finally took the kids to the Drive In.  At 3, I am still nervous about taking them to a real movie because Im not sure they will sit still and quite the entire time.  Problem solved, outdoor movie.  They can be as loud as they want and it doesnt matter.

Some of us were very excited.

We proceeded to get comfortable, which took a few.

But finally, we settled in and waited for the movie to start.

We had so much fun and the kids did GREAT.  They didnt move a muscle with the exception of getting more popcorn.    Ill defiantly be taking them back.

Wednesday, April 4

Feed the Ducks

The kids are very into feeding the ducks.  Once they figured out that the ducks wont bite, they giggle and giggle and feed until all the bread is gone.

We headed to the pond with the motorcycles. After a bit of coaching, Cole got the hang of it and took off with his feet in the air.

Elyse wanted a push, so Id run beside her, pushing, then let go.  She would squeal until she crashed then ask to be pushed again.

Then we met the ducks.

 They kept creeping closer and closer to the water,

So I sat next to them to make sure they didnt fall in.

We then moved to the bridge.
Look at this kids arm, hes a bread throwing machine.

Mommy with Elyse and Cole

We were having a blast and then this happened

Oh yes, Cole was pooped on.

We then looped our way back around to meet the big swan.

Now everyday I have bread I hear "Mom we going to feed the ducks and the mean swan?"
Oh did I forget that Elyse is convince the swan tired to eat her hand and Cole nicknamed it Meany?
We will back, maybe the swan will be nicer next time.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 3

Potty Training

Potty Training sucks.  Cole could give two giggles about going or not going into the potty.  Im told this is typical of a boy but it is VERY frustrating.

Then we have our diva.  She has it down, when she pleases.  She knows what to do.  Shes knows the reward.  She understands why we dont need to go in the pull-up, undies, pants, dress or whatever else she is wearing that day.  But, she has an attitude.  She has this "see look , I know I can do it, you know I can do it, but I'm going to show you that I dont care" attitude. 

Most of the time, she will tell us when she has to go but then the other times she could care less and will tell you so. For example, he asked her "Elyse do you need to go potty"  "No daddy"  Then 5 minutes later she runs up to him and tells him that she pooped and he asked her why she didnt say anything and her response was "Cuz I didnt want to tell you"

At daycare we bring wipes.  She told her "Mrs Lisa my mom brought wipes to wipe my butt when I poop" and she goes "Thats right, and where do we poop" and Elyse says, "In my pull up cuz I want to"  Then for 3 days she will go in the toilet. 

I know I know, I should just put her in undies but she cant wear them to daycare until she can tell them all day long when she has to go so its complicated.

Which brings me to the point.  When she tells me, we go potty.  Period.  It doesnt matter if were eating, driving, sleeping, whatever it is, if she says she  has to go, we go.

But at 3 AM? Momma is tired.
Yes she went.
Yes we sat there for another 10 minutes because she SWORE she had to go again.
Yes she read me a book, making up words about pigs dancing and something (it was 3 AM, I was lucky to get a pic)
Yes she got a sukcer
At 3 AM

On another note, she did not wet her pull up at all yesterday, she held it till bed, went in the potty, woke up dry and went in the potty this morning.

OH I see 1 diaper free kid in my near future.

Now if Cole will just give a crap, he would be on his way too .

Monday, April 2

You want some more??

Your kids entertain you right?  They entertain themselves right?  Maybe its a twin thing but this was the FUNNIEST thing Ive seen in a long time.

It was bathtime so I put them both in the tub, together, and let them play for a bit.  I was straitening, dont worry I could hear them both so dont freak out on me, and I heard them giggling in the bathroom.  I snuck around the corner and this is what I saw.

This went on for 20 minutes then I decided to actually bathe them.  But isnt it funny?

**The video wont post right now, Ill try again later**

Thursday, March 29

Pin It

Ok if you havent noticed, Im a little obsessed with Pinterest lately.  Part of my 2012 New Years Resolutions, I wanted to pin something ORIGINAL because Im a copy cat.  So looky looky what I did.

Pinned Image 

Looks great doesnt it?
Ok my picture quality isnt GREAT, but let me tell you, this thing was DELICIOUS

I used mozzarella, 2 slices, avocado, grilled tomatoes and onions.  Let me tell you, it was soooo good.
Check out the pin here, if for no other reason than proff that I did pin it.

Also, has any heard of this trick? Instead of putting all the bacon grease in a can (we all do it, or maybe just us folks in the south ;) ) or down the drain with scalding water, try this:   Wrap a bowl in foil and put the hot bacon grease inside.  Let it cool  When its cool, roll up the foil and toss it.  No mess, no burns, no problem.
Pinned Image

How have I not thought of this before?