Friday, April 27

When it rains, it pours

Have you ever got caught in the rain with no umbrella?
Have you ever got caught in the rain with 2 2 year olds, wiht no umbrella?
Or jackets? 

Texas weather is VERY fickle.  We will leave the house and it will be 20 degrees, at noon itll be 90 and at 5 itll be pouring.  This day was no different.  80 degrees or so so the kids did not have jackets, they were not needed.  The the sky opened up and down came the rain.

Did I mention I do not own an umbrella?  And the kids did NOT have jackets? 

Luckily, Im kind of a tom boy and alwasy have hoodies in my car.  We improvised.

They stayed dry.  Thats whole point isnt it?

Thursday, April 26

MMMM Tasty

Do your kids like fruit?  Mine ARE crazy about fruit.

Do your kids like chocolate?  Mine LOVE chocolate.  I have no idea where they get this from but they REALLY like it.  I guess all kids do.

Do your kids like chocolate covered fruit?  Mine...ummm....I dont think they understand HOW to eat the chocolate covered fruit.

Thats right, they LICK the chocolate THEN eat the fruit

Wednesday, April 25

Tuesday, April 24

Pickle Juice anyone?

If you know me, you know I love pickle juice.  I drink the left over juice out of the jars and people save it for me to drink when I go to their house, seriously.  Bahama Bucks recently added a pickle juice flavored snow cone and I was in HEAVEN.

My kids are no different.  They LOVE pickles.  They will eat and eat and eat until there are no pickles remaining.

Here is Cole, waiting for his dinner, on his 4th bowl of pickles, mouth stuffed.

She wanted a picture too, this is what she did.

I told her to sit up and smile, and I got this,

I told her to be serious and she did this,

Silly Kids