Monday, October 31

What are the twins gonna be?

Heres a hint:

Pumpkin Break

Im going to take a breather from the pumpkin and all things Halloween posts for just a minute.  No worries, they will be back in full swing tomorrow, we had a VERY busy weekend and I have lots to share with yall.

In the meantime, let me let Elyse sing you a song.

Right before this, Cole was banging on the top yelling "Bam Bam-a-Bam-Bam"  He plays the drums and she belts it out.  I ran to get the camera but he was over it by the time I got back.  :( One of these days, Ill catch him on video.

Friday, October 28

Dallas Arboretum

If you are in the Dallas area, I highly suggest that you visit the Dallas Arboretum and its fall festival.  It is filled with castles made out of pumpkins and pumpkins are everywhere.  I finally decided to take the kids since they are 2 and 'get it' and understand what a pumpkin is.  I do believe that this will be a yearly event for us.

When we first got there, the kids went CRAZY when they saw all the pumpkins.  The decided to climb the mounds and mounds of pumpkin piles.

Yes she is wearing a lei, in October, at a pumpkin patch.

I love how she is concentrating so much in this one.

She got to the top and yelled "I did it mom, all by myself"

He slowly got up there just as she took off down the hay stacks.  And he clapped for himself.

Then it was time to pick pumpkins.  We were not buying them there, but it was fun none-the-less.
They searched and searched, looking for the most perfect pumpkin.

Cole kept going after the big ones.

And Elyse soon followed.

 They finally decided on a 'normal' sized pumpkin to lug around the rest of the day.

But she soon made the decision that just one wasnt enough. 

Tuesday, October 25

101 in 1001 Days Blog Swap

Im so glad I found Holly's blog over at Perfectly Imperfect.  She is running a 101 in 1001 days blog swap.  This means basically, you help another blogger complete their list.  I got paired up with Kasey at Domesticated Hygienist and I cant wait until I can send her stuff.  I dont know about you but I love getting mail that does not involve bills.

One her goals is too boost her blog to reach 100 followers.  Right now, she is at 40, the last I checked.  So please, I ask of you, head on over to her blog and and show her some love.  Tell her I sent you over.

I cant wait for some goodies  :)

Wednesday, October 19

Wordless Wednesday

She made herself a new bed, in her baby's bed.

Tuesday, October 18

Whats in your purse?

At some point I came across this post and decided it would be fun to share what was inside my purse.  Do you remember me telling you how the kids have purses?  Well they have graduated to 'real' purses.  Yes, Cole still calls it a purse.

You may recognize their 'purses' from Dora the Explorer and Diego.  She calls hers her pink purse and he calls his Cole's Chocolate Purse.  It is not brown, it is chocolate. Dont try to argue with them, you will not win. 

Ok now for the insides.

Here is what my bag contains:
Camera case, extra keys with store cards, bills to shred/pay, coupon binder, wallet, mini briefcase gift card holder, Sudoku book, coupons that have not been filled yet, mascara, Young Living Deep Relief rub on oil, 2 bottles of fingernail polish, 2 bottles of lotion, 2 tubes of chapstick, Marti Gras beads, Rangers Ticket stubs, work badge, wrist band from mud run, plastic golf ball, shampoo-conditioner sample, fruit snacks, Gerber Puffs (as the kids call them, my stars, my stars), kid cup, car charger, Destin, Elyse arm medicine, 2 diapers, and wipes.

Sad part is, I just cleaned this baby out.  :(

Coles Chocolate 'Purse'
His Coookie (a paper weight he jacked from my desk at work, no clue why he calls it a cookie), Mickey Mouse Dvd paper, stickers and his sunglasses.

Elyses Purse, which only holds what a girl needs.
Her stuffed Hula Minnie Mouse, Purple beads, sunglasses and a camel.  Yes a camel.

So whats in your purse?  Anything Shocking?

Friday, October 14

Wednesday, October 12

Wordless Wednesday

I told him to show me his teeth, this is what he did.

Tuesday, October 11

They do get along, its nice

I hate to brag, I really do, but Im lucky.  These kids do get along, they really do.  Sure they argue but most of the time they play together and get along with no problems. 

They share and will tell you "We share because its nice"

Unless its his Jack in the Box

Then you might get this look

Hes still the cutest isnt he?

Monday, October 10

Elmo is Minnie's Mom?

Who knew, I sure didnt.  While in the car, the kids take one item with them.  I try to get them to bring it back it, but lets face it, that always doesnt happen.  Cole usually grabs his bunny book or whatever else he is completely attached to that day (remember the car from here and here and everywhere else he took that thing?)  Anyway, we were driving in the car and this is what I hear from the back seat:

Elyse : You give Elmo high five
Cole : Ok
Elyse :  Good job, now Minnie do it.
Elyse : YEA You did it Minnie, you give Elmo hug now
Elyse : You best friends
Me : Who are best friends?
Elyse : No, Elmo is mom
Me : Who's mom?
Elyse : Minnies mom, see go night night

I turn around and they are both facing downward in her lap.  Cole then says Night Night and Elyse says Shhh, the mom and baby are sleeping.

You see the resemblance dont you?
Minnie Mouse pics

Its uncanny how much they look alike.  HAHAHA

Well I think Elyse thinks that any 2 toys are best friends or mom and baby.  Dont believe me?

I was told they were friends and the baby was reading her baby giraffe a story,

And then to shh so they could sleep because thats what friends do.

Yes, my 2 year old shhhed me.

Friday, October 7

Ill sick Cole on you

Siblings argue.
Siblings fight.
Siblings get on each others nerves.

Siblings play.
Siblings love.
Siblings stick up for one another.

At least mine do.  This does happen with all brother/sisters right?  Or is it a twin thing.  Either way, I have to share what happened at the park.  If I would have know what was going to happen, I would have taken out my camera and videoed it.  Unfortunately, I didnt so I hope I can write this well enough so you can picture it.

Let me set this up for you.  We walked into the park like we always do.  By walk, I mean Cole took off and Elyse runs after him yelling "Wait for me Wait for us" as she turns to me to tell me to hurry up.  This particular park is all gated in so I can sit in the middle and have my eye on both of them at the same time.  This makes it VERY easy to manage 2 2 year olds that wont sit still.  I digress.

On this day, a little boy was having a birthday and his mom brought cupcakes.  If I had to guess, he was 7.  His friends, 3 of them, were about the same age, if I guess 5-7-ish.  This detail is important for later.

The kids went on about their way climbing, sliding, laughing, and running a muck.  Thats when they found the sand pit.  Off they went, sitting in the sand, throwing the sand at each other, laughing and yelling at me "Mommy I build a castle, a castle mommy"  I sat and watched and giggled.

She then found a sand shovel.  You know the ones that you take to the beach that look like a giant fork?  Thats it.  Elyse kept saying looking at the fork, "To build my castle."  Cole laughs.  They were entertained.

What I have not mentioned is that when they went to the sand, the group of boys followed and began burying who knows what about 10 feet from the kids.  At this point, when both kids were COVERED in sand, the oldest of the boys walked over and asked Elyse nicely if he could use the shovel.  The nice and loving child that she is said "Yes" and handed him the shovel.  Now Im not sure what went through her head, maybe that he would give the shovel right back or he just wanted to look at it, but when he stepped away, she was heart broken.  She did not make a sound.  Her tiny head dropped, her lip pushed so far out I thought she might trip on it, she turned and sat with her back to the boys and with the look of defeat written all over her face.

She never cried.
She didnt say a word.

Without speaking, Cole, who was watching the entire time, slammed his hand down and jumped up.  The only way I can describe this is he thought "Oh hell no, hell no your not going to mess with my sister"  Imagine.  A 2 year old slamming his arms and stomping to the bigger boys.  He walked, well stomped, to the group of boys (remember ages 6-7 if I had to guess) pointed his finger at them and yelled very loudly "You give back shovel her right now, right now" 

I said loudly enough for him and the other boys and Im sure their parents to hear "Cole its ok, we can share"

Cole then said not as loudly "Ok...Peeeeeeeease give shovel back"

This 7 year old had no idea what to do.  He slowly handed the shovel back to Cole and backed up slowly.  Cole then walked the shovel back to Elyse and handed it to her.

You would thought he gave her a giant cookie.  Seriously, that smile went from ear to ear and she said "Thank you Cole" and patted his shoulder.

They all sat and continued to play happily.

Never will I have to worry about someone picking on her or hurting her.  Shes got Cole.

This is normal, right?
All siblings do this right?
Is it just a twin thing?

Either way, Im glad he has her back.

Thursday, October 6

Lets Do Art

Its completely normal for 2 year olds to like art right?  I mean REALLY like art.  Anything to do with coloring, drawing, using chalk or painting my kids are down for it.  The get very mad when I tell them its time to put things up. 

I needed something for my bathroom walls.  They are white and boring and driving me crazy.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found that canvases and paints were on sale.  Light bulb.  The kids could paint some art for the walls.  It will be cheap and they will love it.

I changed them both into extra large shirts and put them on a tarp in the back yard so they wouldnt get paint everywhere. 

They waited patiently for me to give them paint.

And once I gave some, they jumped right in and began their masterpieces.

They dipped a couple of fingers in the paint and yelled done.  No way were they done.  I grabbed some potatoes and cut them in shapes to get them to paint more to the canvas. They went nuts.

He just took a bite and said "Its yucky Mommy"  I told him to keep painting because he was doing such a good job, so he did.

She stayed pretty clean except for her hands and a little bit on her face.

He was much more messy, which is a change.
Any one want a kiss?

Here are the finished pieces.

Hers is on top, His on bottom.
I think they did great and it will match the bathroom perfectly.