I am setting up this page to keep account of the races I compete in .  I use compete lightly, Im competing against myself, not others.  This way I have an easy place to look up to find out personal bests and what I have achieved and where I want to go.

I am linking any blog posts related to the posted run.
Result times in red are personal best times for the distance.

  Date                             Race                                        Distance                                Results              
7-3-2010                       Liberty by the Lake                  5K                                         33.??
10-23-2010                  Living for Zachary                   10K                                       1:06:45
12-22-2010                  Jingle Bell Run                          5K                                          29.10
3-27-2011                     Rock N Roll Dallas            Half Marathon                       2:25:20
4-17-2011                     Warrior Dash                           3.24 Obstacle                     55:14
5-07-2011                     Jailbreak                                     4.0 Obstacle                       57:13
6-12-2011                     Wounded Warrior              Half Marathon                       2:29:31