Friday, April 29

OMGravy, they are 2

The the first half of this story, check it out here

After shocking the nurse, I was shown to my room and was swabbed to make sure it was my water that broke.  The nurse said, "Yup honey, your in labor can I help you with the pain?"  Again I said, "What pain?"  she laughed and walked out.  This was a little after 7.  My doctor came in, thank God she was there that day because if she wasnt I probably would have freaked.  When I saw her, I began to cry.  She asked me what was wrong and all I could say was "Im so sorry, Im so sorry, I guess I couldnt keep them in any longer, Im so sorry"  She laughed and said that since I was at 36 weeks, on the dot, she did not except any issues and for me to stay calm.

Thats exactly what I did.  I still felt NO pain.  Nothing.  Not even a flipping cramp.  We had some time so I wrote down a list of things to get from the house and sent the husband home.

Looking back, that wasnt the smartest thing

20 minutes later, I was in a robe with my bare ass hanging out and jamming to some music.  The nurse came in and asked how I was doing and if I needed anything. I said no and she said Ok are you ready.  He wasnt back yet but I figured they would wait for him.  So I walked (Yes walked) myself to the c-section room. giddy as a school girl.  At this point, Im like yea this is nothing, I can do this 100 more times if needed, seriously I still had no pain.

I got my shot, which hurt like hell and laid down.  It was about that time that Josh got back, which I found out later if he was 2 minutes later he would have missed it.  I smelled smoke and gave him a dirty look and said "Did you really just go smoke when your kids about to be born?" In which he responded, umm no, thats you.  They were cutting me open.

I felt nothing.  I could see my lower half being tugged back and forth but I felt absolutely nothing.  He jumped up and yelled "OMG do you have any idea what they are doing to you?  Do you really not fell that?  OMG this is so cool."  Apparently watching someone gut me like a fish is entertainment.

At 8:14, this sweet baby graced us with her presence.  Silence.  I panicked, then I heard her scream loud enough for the whole floor to hear.  Josh looked at me and said, "Thats your daughter" The plan was for her to come first then about 5 minutes later, he would join the party.  He had other plans.  I heard her scream and then I heard "Oh wait hes coming"  The next thing I heard was two screaming babies and a tear fell from my eye.  Josh grabbed my hand and asked if I was ok and I said Im fine go meet your kids.  Your KIDS, oh man we have 2 kids now.

They both weighed 5 lbs 2 oz.  Since they were a month early, they whisked them away to make sure everything checked out.  By the time I got sewed up and back in my room, they were there.  Our lives had changed forever.

We went from a family of 2 to 4 in less than 60 seconds.

I cant believe how much they have grown. In one short year, they became little people.

And today, they are toddlers.  They will always be my babies that couldnt wait any longer to introduce themselves to the world.  I wish I could stop time because I know they will be moving out before I know it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Elyse and Cole

Thursday, April 28

How my life changed 2 years ago

I just realized that I have never shared my pregnancy/birth story of these gorgeous (ok Im biased) babies.

Lets start at the beginning.  After a year of trying, we found out I was pregnant.  This was only after I miss-read the pregnancy test and had my heart broken again.  Finally, after taking about 15 tests, we were expecting and we couldnt have been happier.  I know the EXACT date, that we conceived.  Crazy, but I know without a doubt when it happened.  When I peed on the stick, I was 5 weeks pregnant.  I was not sick, with exception of the flu.  I was not uncomfortable, with the exception of being exhausted.  Everything was great.

At about 7 weeks, I wanted a pickle.  My first prego craving?  Nope, I love pickles and pickle juice.  I took a bite and my stomach flipped. I yell "THEY DO NOT LIKE PICKLES" and took off to the bathroom.  When I was done, Ill spare you the details, and I walked back in the living room.  The husband says "you just said they"  This happened 2 more times and at 9 weeks I headed to the doctor for our first sonogram.  I knew what was coming.

Ill never forget it.  The doc, while rubbing that goo all over my tummy, says quietly "Well..." In that moment I almost broke down.  I thought for sure his next words would be, "Im sorry but your not pregnant"  Instead, he said "How do you feel about 2 for 1"  The husband jumped up and said "I TOLD YOU  WE WERE HAVING TWINS"  And the journey began.

This is me at 16 weeks and Im pushing out.  I was DYING to look pregnant instead of that I just ate too much.

My pregnancy was great.  I had no issues, no major weight gain and TWO babies taking over my insides.

This is at 6 months

At 8 months, YEA, now I got a BIG belly :)

We had a scheduled c-section for May 14, at week 38.  My doctor kept telling me that we need to make it to 32 weeks, just hold on to 32 weeks.  32 weeks came and went and I knew wed make it to our scheduled date.

On Friday, I got a rash.  Have you every heard of PUPS?  Let me just tell you, it is hell.  I dont wish it on anyone.  I broke out in what can only be described as hives.  I was covered head to toe and could not stop itching.  Luckily, the Doctor called me in .....well....I dont have a clue what it was but it helped.

On a Tuesday, I was feeling great, but I was still really itchy.  I was waddling and hanging out in my crocs and sweat pants trying to figure out what I needed to get done in the next two weeks.  I needed to do pregnancy pictures, I need to get a pedicure, I needed to shave me legs.  The next day I had all planned out.  I had 3 doctor appointments (my weekly check up, sonogram, and a stress test) so I decided to take a me day.  Pictures and pedicures was in order.  But the itching wouldnt stop, so that night I took a bubble bath in oatmeal.  Ooops.

Around 4 am, believe me I looked, I got up for water.  This was usual so I didnt think anything about it. I drank my water and went back to sleep.  Right before 6, I sneezed and I peed.  I leaped out of bed and kept peeing. And peeing. And peeing. Thats when it dawned on me that I wasnt peeing.  I yelled "Umm Josh, I think we need to go to the hospital."  In his groggy state, he replied "and why is that, your good for 2 more weeks"  And I calming said, "Well either my water broke or Im leaking something, we need to go"

No pain, no panic, just I knew we needed to go.  So what did I do?  I took a shower.  And took my time going to the hospital.  No bag.  Just left.  I seriously thought they would send me home.  Of course I took a picture before we walked out.

You see the rash, hell I tell you.

We got the hospital, parked, and calmly walked into the maternity ward.  I had already called so they knew we were coming and expected me to be panicky.  I was holding my stomach and the nurse asked if I was in pain.  I said no i just needed a toilet so I could unclench because I just peed on myself again.  You wouldnt believe the look she gave me.  It was priceless.

To be continued.....

Water Sprouts

My kids love water.  I believe that they were fish at one point because they flock to water like second nature. When each of them see water, they take off, splash and giggle so loud you cant help but smile.

While Easter egg hunting, the church turned on the fountains for the kids to play in.  Cole stayed clear.  Im not sure why he didnt want to get in, maybe he didnt want to get his car wet.  While he was busy entertaining himself on the slides, my other water baby went to town.

She ran from one sprout to the next giggling and shrieking.

She figured out that if she placed her foot on top of it, it would tickle and squirt.  She thought this was hilarious until it went up her shirt.

She was soaked and loved every minute of it.

Tuesday, April 26

Easter Day

This brings us to Easter morning.  Elyse decided to wake up at 630 so the Easter Bunny was running late.  While she was occupied by cartoons, the bunny did her...errr....his thing and left behind the below.

I believe the kids were impressed.

He was "Oh mommy, oooooooooooooooooooo"

I know you cant understand it, but it was hilarious watching the two of them destroyed the innards of the baskets and ohh and ahh at it all.  Oh the joys of being 2.

Next, we headed to church. How cute are these kids?

Seriously, look again,
I think hes a pimp in his suit....with his car and shes a princess with her piercing blue eyes.

So, you ask, how do you occupy 2 2 year olds during an Easter church service?

Snacks of course.

I hope yall had a great Easter weekend.

Easter Egg Hunting

To continue the Easter fun, we of course took the kids Easter egg hunting for the first time. And of course we had more than one hunt to attend.

Round 1

While waiting for the event to start, the kids jumped on the playground.

Look closely, yes, his car is STILL with him.  He will NOT let it out of his site.
 She went down the slide backwards, every time.

The patiently waited to hear go with their little faces pressed against the fence yelling EEEEEGGGGGGGGS

And they were off.

Round 2
After dying eggs, Grandma hid some more for the kids to find.  They didnt have to fight the other kids this time.

Round 3?
This hasnt happened yet.  They found their purses, ie the monkey baskets, and starting yelling EGGS MOMMY EGGS IN PUURRRRRRRSE.  I see another hunt in our future.

Monday, April 25

Dying Easter Eggs

Ok so Im a little behind from this weekend, so bare with me as I make few posts of this weekends festivities.

First up, Easter egg dying.  We did not dye eggs last year, as they were not even 1 and didnt get it yet.  Being almost 2, I still cant believe they will be 2 this week, I figured they would have a blast.

I was right.  I have never seen 2 dozen eggs dyed so quickly.  Want proof?   Here you go.

He slowly puts an egg in the cup.....

Elyse promptly yells, "NO" and throws an egg in the mix as though he wasnt doing it right so she had to show him.
(Notice the Splash)

And the finished products, most are pink because that was the bowl in front of Cole until he dumped it.

It was such a mess and only took about 5 minutes to complete.  Both kids were stained, still are as a matter of fact.  They enjoyed themselves and thats all that really matters.

Friday, April 22

At the Farmers Market

This is how he eats srawberries, all in one bite.

Elyse has also figured out how to put her shoes on by herself. Too bad they are on the wrong feet and she wont let me switch them.

Thursday, April 21

So what...

... If I laugh when someone says duty
... If I wear my workout clothes more than once.
... If I get pissed off , get over it and get out of my way
... If I sing very loudly and very out of tune, I know Im tone deaf but it makes my kids laugh (Id do it if they didnt laugh)
... If I play coupon fairy at the grocery store.  I love finding coupons for things that I need and didnt have one already, Im just paying it forward.
... If I plan to go to Sams at the time to eat so I can eat oodles of samples and basically get lunch for free.
... If I am a sample whore, end of story.
... If I find the smell of laundry detergent and bleach intoxicating (In a wow thats wonderful, not wow Im plastered kind of way)
... If I changed Elyse in the trunk of my car, in the Target parking lot.  I wasnt going to leave her there, spare me the ditty looks.
... If Coles favorite book to read right now is a Christmas pop up book....and its April

Tuesday, April 19

Warrior Dash

This weekend I became a warrior.  If you have never heard of Warrior Dash, its something you should really look into.  This is 5k (3.24 miles) with obstacles and you end up covered in mud. Its

Im using the term race loosely because we did not race.  We did this for fun and had fun with it.  It began by making you walk, tread, across water.  So cold, so much fun.  You then run down a path , which is pure mud by this point, trying not to fall.  No luck, we rode people down the hill, literally.  You then run through a haunted town and leap over cars and make your way to the barricades.  You jump over the barricades, Im short, so I literally had to jump to get over them.  After that, came the wall.  The wall, oh how I hate you.

 I have a confession, I scared of heights.  Not your normal fear, I have paralyzing fear.  My hear starts racing, my knees buckle, and I panic.  I got to the top of the wall with no issues but then panicked.  My knees buckled as I slowly climbed down. It was NOT fun. 

From there, you run to balance boards that you run across.  I did it, slowly, but I did it without falling.  I shook the whole time, even if I was only 5 ft from the ground.  (Im telling you fear)  You run to the rope maze, I guess thats what you call it.  You weave your way through the ropes to get through to the next challenge. 

Then enters blackout.  You have to crawl in darkness to get through.  Luckily, Im short so I just bent and got through it quickly.  Crossover was easy.  Its a rope wall horizontal that you could walk on beams.  Next was climbing over hay bells, which I tripped and landed knee high in hay.  HILLAROUS I tell you. 

My fear began to take over as I saw the next obstacle.  Rope wall.  You climb up, and climb down.  I got to the top with no issues, again.  When I had to jump over the top rail, my chest tightened.  I think this is the closest thing to a panic attack I could have had.  I got down, which seemed like it took forever, and my chest loosened.

Back in the water we went as we jumped over logs.  Im 5'1" so I leaped over them all as graceful as a fish out of water.  Thats were we found a mud pit. This was not part of the race, per say.  Apparently we were not muddy enough, so in the mud we went.  Well 2 in the group went and the mud started flying.  Do you see what I mean about not being a race race?

We leaped over fire, literally, and approached the finish line where the final mud pit was located.  If we werent dirty yet, no doubt wed be covered in minute.  The guy on the mic wanted us to jump and splash but I dont know how deep it was so I stepped in.


And face planted.

With my mouth wide open.

Mud went everywhere and the crowd cheered.  It was glorious.    When exiting the mud pitt, we dashed to the finish line where we got our medal and took a picture.

Do you notice around my eyes there is no mud?  Yea, I kept my glasses on when I dove in the mud.  Not the smartest thing I did that day, but I didnt lose them.  Also, please excuse my I-think-I-have-to-take-a-dump look.

What was the end time?
I laugh but it was all for fun who cars how long it took.

If you ever get a chance to participate in one of these, I highly recommend it.  I am doing another in a few weeks.  Im thinking Jailbreak will be just as fun, but we will cover that more later on.

In the meantime, Im still digging mud out of my ears.

Friday, April 15

Fevers and Fruit Loops

Yesterday I got a call that Elyse had a fever.  She was acting normal but just hot and I needed to come pick her up.  When I got halfway home, I got another call saying that Cole also had a fever.  I was expecting them to be sickly but they were normal, just quite.  Being quite is NOT normal.  They dont yell and scream, they just dont get quite voices just yet.  She shrieks and he makes loud noises any chance he gets.  I picked them both up and got them home and they immediately went down for a nap. 

When she woke up, you could tell she didnt feel good.

She just laid there, gripping her cup for dear life, cuddled up in the blanket.  Every now and then she would let out this quite cough and would say "More water peas, more water"  I got her some meds to reduce her fever and she bounced back like nothing was wrong.  Same as Cole, he was warm so I gave him some and he was running around like a crazy person, you know, his usual self.

Elyse got in the pantry and found the Fruit Loops.  "Pretty Cheerios mommy,"  "Do you wand Fruit Loops for dinner"  "Yes please"  They didnt eat much for lunch so I figured as long as they were eating something, we were good.  Fruit loops and Kiwi it is, and they loved it.

Its amazing how an hour of being fever free can bring my kids back to their normal selves.

Yup, happy as can be, eating Fruit Loops and watching Wipeout.

On another note, does anyone else find it amusing of how small they look sitting on the couch together?

Tuesday, April 12


What do you get when have a 2 year old (almost), a light switch, and a daddy that likes to make noise?

Pure entertainment

Monday, April 11

Bluebonnets in Texas

Its that time of the year that Ive been waiting for.  I have always dreamt of taking my kids to a bluebonnet field and letting them go crazy while I snap GORGEOUS pictures of them.  When I realized the time of year last year, there were no bluebonnets to be found.  Since I missed it last year, Ive been on look out for the last month.  SCORE, the field close to the house is covered so off we went.

It was windy and Coles hair was standing strait up the entire time.

She picked flowers, not the bluebonnets, just the flowers.

He would not look at me and would not let go of his car.  That thing goes with him everywhere now.

Hes running away, again.

You cant tell, but hes giving her a hug.

And running away, together this time.

As he yells, "Mommy, Lyse CARS CARS", points and runs.

It was time to go home.

For the life of me, I couldnt get a good picture of Cole looking at the camera.  He was too busy running in circles.  Ill try again when the ground dries up or we will try again next year. 

Who knew taking pictures in a field would be so much fun? Its the little things that make me smile.  I cant wait to do more stuff like this with them.  Their giggles are contagious.