Tuesday, November 30

Stealing Cameras and Cleaning Floors

E decided to take the camera and play
The below are the results

Of coarse there is a picture of a baby

She wouldnt move her finger and after this one, she shut it off.

After taking pictures, the hubbs took the time to teach the kids how to sweep.  I dont think this is getting the house very clean but they were laughing so loud that I didnt stop them.

Love his big red cheeks.

Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving in a nut shell

The last 4 days have been super busy around our house and yet,  nothing seemed to get done.

Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving.  I cooked again this year, minus the turkey.  It was just me, the hubs, and the kiddos and cooking a 15 lb turkey seemed pointless.  The hubs was determined to have turkey so we compromised, we went to Dickeys.  It was so much easier.  I went the night before and bought 2 lbs (because 1 would not be enough in his eyes) and all I had to the next day was pop in in the oven to warm it up.  Easy Peasey.  The sides, which in my opinion, are the best part.  I made green bean casserole, yams, mac-n-cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn casserole and croissants. 

The kids had a blast lounging around in PJs all day but they barely ate.  I assume its because they just got over a cold.  Here are some pictures of them tasting everything....carefully.

After linner (you know lunch and dinner combine)  I jumped into the shower and put on a LARGE pot of coffee.  You see Toys-R-Us was opening at 10 and I had my eyes set on a kitchen. 

So I joined the crazies, in the cold, hopped up on caffeine.

Good thing, I got one of the last ones. 

But I got sick and laid in bed all the next day (due to lack of sleep, over-caffeinated brain cells and shivering in the cold for hours)

But it was worth it, or so I hope.

Wednesday, November 24

So What Wednesday

So what….
If I giggle like a 5 year old when E and C walk around saying doo-doo
If C’s tongue is out constantly and when we say “Put your tongue up” He puts his lips like a fish
If if Im buying a kitchen for the two of them to share for Christmas.  Hes getting a toolbox but he will play with the kitchen more
If there are days when we don’t change out of our PJs
If they eat Twizzlers
If my house looks like Toys-R-Us vomited
If E likes to play with an armless doll
If Cole thinks the remote/box/shoe/pillow/The Hulk is a phone
If they splash in the tub and get the floor soaked
If E tells a stranger Bless You when they sneeze/cough/or burp
If they run around naked
If the best game right now is being thrown into pillows while counting to 3

Tuesday, November 23

When did they become not babies anymore?

This time last year, I had twin 7 month babies.

This was E last year, with her chubby cheeks.

This was C with his sly grin.

His first Thanksgiving 

And hers. 

Two twin babies, barely sitting by themselves.
Unable to crawl, let alone walk.

This was last year. 

Now we have toddlers.

This is C now , climbing on everything and never sitting still.

Now this is E, walking and obsessed with babies and phones.

These are my babies 

When did they become little people?
Where did the last year go?
When did these tiny humans take over?
Where did my babies go?

Monday, November 22

Presents? I dont see any presents

Its a little early for Christmas but I believe Elyse LOVES ornaments.  We went to a friend's house and it is in full swing Christmas at their house.  (LOVE IT)  Both kids didnt have a clue what to do with all the shiny things around the house.
Hes chilln in his corduroys

Shiny Mommy

Oh Pretty Mommy

Is that a present?
She gave herself away when she giggled

No presents, just E

Friday, November 19

Diva in the making?

Maybe a little

Maybe not
I dont think biting the Hulk's head off makes her a diva.

Then again, it just may

Wednesday, November 17

Mommy, I miss Cole

This is what Elyse said yesterday. And by said, I mean this is what I believe she meant.

She has been sick the last few days.  Let me re-cap.  This weekend we had 2 great babies, happy as can be.  Then came Sunday night.  We gave them both a bath and put them to bed with no issues like always. 

Then came 1030.  I heard screaming "MOOMMMY MOOOMMMMY" in this raspy horse voice that I didnt recognize.  The hubs went into the room and she was screaming and burning up so he brought her to me.  We took her temperature and surprisingly it was only 99.5, so I tried to get her to lay with me.  You see, she never cuddles.  She never sits still.  This was different.  Something was wrong.  She laid on my chest and any time I budged, she clutched on for dear life. 

We kept her home on Monday because she looked like she felt bad.  This is one of the times I wish she could speak to tell me exactly what was wrong because nothing seemed to work.  She laid like this all day.

Sorry for the bad quality, its from my phone

Needless to say, we got to the doctor and shes sick.  She has strep, laryngitis, and an ear infection.  Poor baby got some meds and started to act like her normal self again.

See what I mean?  She would not take a nap and then I heard her say "Nite Nite babies" and I found her like this. In the wagon.  With blanket, pillow and baby.  Shes saying cheese here.  Love this little ham.

So back to the point.

Yesterday, I was waiting until the last minute to go get Cole to try to keep them as separated as possible so he doenst catch it. I dont have to pick him up until 530 so the plan was to wait until 520 to go get him. 

That was the plan.

At 445, she walks up to me, hands me her shirt and goes "Shirt?" 
Yes, baby , thats your shirt.
Yes, baby its a shirt.
Cole shirt?
No, its your shirt.
No its Elyse's shirt
*Me with a strange look on my face Im sure* Huh?
Me: You want to go get Cole?
And she takes off to the door with a huge grin.

So Ok , I get it and we leave to get Cole.

After we get home, I only wish my camera was charged.  She said something, that Im positive he understood, and he said something in return. (I love this twin talk stuff, it amazes me when I see it.) She then walks over to him, puts a choke hold around his chest and holds on for dear life as she puts her head on his shoulder.  I held back tears because it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  It happened again about 15 minutes later as he walked up to her and said "Its ok Lyse" as he patted her shoulder.  She then leaned in, laid her head on his shoulder, and sighed.

Its ok Elyse, I missed him during the last two days too.

If I only had my camera.


Monday, November 15

New Distance complete

I have planned to run my first half on December 5.  Im nervous.  Im nervous that I wont finish or if I do, itll take 4 hours.  My fear is disappearing.

Yesterday, I ran...well jogged...11 miles.  I walked a little but it was a fast walk.  We finished in a little over 2 hours.  If I can jog/run the entire distance, I am certain I will be able to finish in my goal of 2:30:00.

After yesterday, I think December 5 will not be as bad as I am anticipating. 

And I am almost positive that there will be tears.

There's always tears.

Thursday, November 11

Tuesday, November 9

Ive brought them to the.....light side

I love fun socks.  I have a fun pair for every holiday, event, season, you name it I got them.

For instance, the socks Im wearing right now are pictured below.

I do wear jeans to work and rarely have my shoes on
so please ignore the dirty shoes and all the cords

Well it was only a matter of time when I could buy the kids fun socks instead of the boring one color baby ones.  The other night, the hubbs found the kids feet covered in these.

And as cute as these are, why would you not want them on these little toesies?
Its official.
They have been welcome to my bright side of foot-wear.

On a completely other note, I think I know what they maybe getting for Christmas. *hint**hint*

Monday, November 8

Busy Busy Busy

I dont think I sat down for more than 5 minutes this weekend.  It was go go go until I crashed. I made a to-do list to get done this weekend.  I am definitely the I-need-a-list-for-everything kind of person.  Thank goodness for my dry erase bored or Id never get anything done.  Side-tracked, back to the point.  I made a list of things I had to get done this weekend. A lot of it was cleaning but some was just things that needed to be done.  Below was my list:
  • Clean kitchen (This includes dishes, counters, floors, play area, everything)
  • Clean out Fridge (separate because...well I dont know it just is)
  • Laundry (Clean, Fold , Put it ALL away)
  • Make weekly chore list (Set a day to do a room so you do a little everyday and it doesnt build up)
  • Update baby books
  • Hang pictures, move wall decorations
  • Separate Pictures to send to family
  • Clean Car (Inside, the outside can wait)
  • Run (Yes I put that on things to do or Ill forget)
  • Go to Babys R Us
  • Megan's Baby shower
  • Grocery Shop
  • Organize coupons
  • Plan dinner for the next week
So I started, and didnt sit until it was night time.  I got most of it done with the exception of hanging pictures, cleaning my car and putting up the laundry.  I did however figure out what pictures I needed to hang my new wall decorations, I just need to get them printed.  My car can wait even though it is a disaster.  I did get the kids clothes cleaned and folded/on hangers but I dint get it put away.  Oh well, there is always tonight.

I did manage to get in my 8 mile run (well run/walk) for the day.  I dont think Ill take 2 weeks off again.  My hips are aching but I think that is from the hills.  Luckily I ran with a friend since my music is dead.  I also got to try out my new distance monitor.  Works like a charm and it turns out what I thought was 6.5 miles was actually 7.5.  I only hope its that way every time,you know where you think youve ran 4 miles when really its 6?  I was also introduced to Cliff shot blocks.  They are great and really help after a long run.  They taste like a giant square gummy bear. LOL

E and C were into everything while I was trying to clean.  Ill never under stand what the fascination with the cats' water bowl is. They love water, what can I say. 

E has a new toy that she loves.  A baby.  From the dollar store.  Makes her smile so big.  All I hear all day now is MOMMMY Baby...baby...baby...baby?  See her huge smile with her perked up eyes?

Shes trying to give her baby a drink
Dink Dink baby Dink Dink (as shes slamming her cup on the baby's head)

Shes ready for nap time
With her baby (or course) a puppy, the book and her janket
It wasnt really nap time, she just curls up in blankets with all of her stuff and then throws it off and yells

And just because hes super cute

Since I was super tired Sunday night, I decided to make a quick dinner that I didnt have to go pick up.  It ended up being chili-cheese-fries with sour cream.  It was soo good, so bad for me, but so hit the spot.  Im really starting to think of starting a food blog of whats for dinner.  Maybe itll convince me to eat better. If nothing else for appearances :)

Friday, November 5

Puddle Party

So it has rained the last couple days. A LOT of rain.  Our driveway has a slight dip so when it rains it fills with water.  The kids found the giant puddle and got soaked in the process.

She matches so well
And I just noticed how long her legs look

Shes trying to lick the rain
OH is that a little hair showing? Shell get there sooner or later :)

He started to dance

And she found a deeper part

And right after this she sat down
In the puddle
And laughed hysterically