Wednesday, September 29

Poo Shoes

I picked up the kids from daycare and dreaded hearing what they did that day. There's always a story with the two of them.  SURPRISE, nothing out of the ordinary.  E screams like a girl and C throws things and plays in water and thinks its hilarious.  I was hoping for an uneventful night, but with these two , no way.

As Im cooking dinner (spaghetti squash with roasted zucchini and broccoli) I hear giggling from the other room. As cute as it is and as much as it makes me smile, its never good.

Let me back track. A few weeks ago, we bought the kids some shoes.  They are in size 4 (which we had none) and they actually kept them on.  We headed to Payless (Im cheap and they will grow to fast to buy expensive ones) and found these CUUUUTE shoes for E.

I was so excited to find them (for $5 mind you) I had to get them.  Perfect summer shoes for a little girl, right?

Fast forward to last night.  I walk in the living room and they are both on the couch falling over laughing historically.  I look closer, she has her shoe in her mouth.  This does not seem like a big deal.  She chews, says mmmm then laughs..


Thats when I noticed a dark something on the bottom. Can you tell where Im going with this?  Thats right, you guessed it. She had POO stuck in the botton of her shoe.  POO that she was CHEWING on and saying YUMMMMMM.


Bath time it was.

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