Friday, December 31

Whats this white stuff?

Living in Texas, we NEVER get a white Christmas.  Except on a fluke, we dont get the white stuff anytime during the year (One exception was last February when we got 12 inches, you gotta love Texas weather)

While I am off of work, I drove up north to Illinois to visit my dad and sister.  There is snow.  Only about 5-6 inches but snow is snow. I bundled up the kids and we went to play.

The both of them are CLUELESS what the white stuff is and what they were supposed to do with it.  Elyse got cold after a bit and Cole couldnt figure out how to keep it off his shoes.  Here are a few pictures of them trying to figure it all out.

"I dont understand"


Walking back inside with Grandpa

Looking outside wanting to go out again.

I wish we got snow in Texas without the 20 degree temps,  I dont think that will be happening any time soon so I guess we will have to come back.

Thursday, December 30

New Years Resolutions 2011

The past few years, I have made resolutions but have barely kept them.  2011 will be different, if I have anything to do with it.

So here they are, my New Years Resolutions for 2011

  • Run 1000 miles (It averages about 20 a week so Ill actually HAVE to do it but training should make it easy)  Also, I need to find a counter that I can update when I do run.  Any ideas?
  • Run 2 Half Marathons (The first goal is to finish, the second is to beat the first race's time)
  • Run full Marathon, just finish
  • Finish the kids one year scrape book
  • Finish pregnancy scrape book
  • Make one new recipe a week
  • Clean dishes out of sick nightly
  • Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
  • Do a new activity with kids every month
  • Read 12 books
  • Complete 3 items per month of my 101 in 1001 days to stay on track to finish on time
So there they are.  Id like to add more but if I can complete these Ill be stoked.

Happy New Year (In two days)

Tuesday, December 28

Merry Christmas

Day 2 of being playing catch up.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Mine was great.  I really think holidays, especially Christmas , is way more fun when you have kiddos.  Elyse and Cole are almost 20 months old.  They still dont 'get it' but they do get what opening presents is. 

Christmas morning they woke up, around 8.  (Im sure we will be getting up before dawn next year, and if not the next.)  We laid around in our PJs and walked the kids to the tree asking "What did Santa bring?"  Cole had a look on his face that said why oh why did i get out of bed.  Elyse kept repeating, Santa? Santa?

As we came around the corner, they saw the ball pit.  Elyse shrieked and goes OOOOOOO and Cole yelled PLAY PLAY PLAY.  The got in.  Needless to say they LOVE it, even if they dont keep the balls in the tent.

After prying them from the ball pit, we showed them the kitchen.  More shrieks, more giggles more OHH PETTY-ies

About 30 minutes later, we separated the presents and had them open them.  Like I said, I think its more fun with little ones.  They get so excited over paper and want to lug all the gifts around the house and not let go of one of them.  Here are some things they got:

For me?  I got jus what I wanted, well needed.  I got much needed running clothes, now Im just short of some shorts, some candles (because Im obsessed), a DEEP FREEZE (now I can buy 20 boxes of veggies when I get coupons and not have to worry where to put them and can finally get rid of the damn ham from our kitchen freezer, long story) AND a grown up purse.  DANCE DANCE

I really needed a purse.  This is what Ive be carrying for FOREVER

Dont judge, I know its horrible.
In my defense, Im not a purse person

Until now.....

And this baby holds SOO MUCH crap stuff its ridiculous.  I also get to check off #99 of my list off.

I hope your Christmas was just as much fun.

Too bad all I will hear for the next few months is BALLS?BALLS?BALLS?

Man I love her.

Monday, December 27

8 years already?

Im a little behind because of Christmas, but I hope to catch up pretty quickly.

On December 21, 2002 we were married.  (That sounds retarded but I dont know another way to say it)  I cant believe that the time has flown by so quickly.  It seems not that long ago, its flown by.

Because we our Anniversary is so close to Christmas, we decided  (well I did) that we do not gifts, per say.  Instead of random gifts, we go by the traditional wedding gifts.  This website is what we usually go by, but most lists are the same, give or tack.

This year, number 8, was bronze/pottery.  HARD  Doesnt seem that way but think bout it. He doesnt garden, any cooking appliance would be used by me and he does NOT want to go throw clay with me.  (Apparently its only a girl thing to want to re-enact the scene out of Ghost)

So heres what I did.  I bought a pot and some seeds.  He always says he wants to grow herbs....well there you go.  Done and Done. 

He got me a gift certificate to go to a ladys night to throw pots and get a massage.  (Told you he didnt want to go, but I do so he got it for me)  Hes always good at gifts, I suck most of the time.

In addition to these gifts, we go out to eat.  THEN he surprised me by a whole lot.

We went out to eat and ate dessert.  Cheesecake, come on I cant say no to cheesecake.

Then we went to ALOFT, which is a hotel like the W but not as pricey.

The Bar

Looks Tasty

The Bed

The Sink
(Not sure what my deal with sinks is, but I like this one)

THEN he secluded massages.

Oh yea, that happened.

He did good.

Thursday, December 23

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Let me toot my own horn for a minute.
I am not a fast runner.  I don’t even consider myself a runner.  Last night, I was informed differently.  I was told if you run, you’re a runner.  So Ill admit it, Im a runner, but not a fast one.
Every year in Dallas, there is a 5k run, Jingle Bell Run , that goes around downtown, sorta.  I thought, why not.  My last 5k , in July,  my time was 33-something.  I set a goal.  Under 30 minutes and Ill be stoked.
I ran with guys at work to hope to keep my pace up. One of them is fast, even if he says hes not.  I decided to stay with him to pace me.  And by stay with him, I mean chase after him the whole race.
So we ran.
I missed the first mile marker and kept thinking “I know were not going that slow”  The next thing I knew we turned the corner and the 2nd mile marker was in site, right at 20 minutes.  (We crossed the start line after the clock started so I knew we were making good time)
Then I smelled food, we have to be close.
Then I saw the end and I took off.
When I crossed the finish line , I was hoping for 29:29.
I looked at the watch,
That’s right.  I beat my previous time by 5 MINUTES.
To  a lot of people that’s not fast, to me it is.  I can only hope to get to under 27 minutes one day.  For now, Ill be proud of what I finished with.

Tuesday, December 21

Does anyone else find this weird?

Im a first time mom,  Ive read all the books but this baffles me.  I have never heard or seen any kid do this.  I dont think its hurting her but I think its strange.  You be the judge.

That my friends is a baby wipe.  She is constantly putting them in her mouth and chewing on them.  When we wipe her face, her tongue comes out and she licks it as it passes her lips.  Im assuming it tastes good, why else would she do this?  I find it strange but oddly cute.

So, should I be worried or just continue to take pictures?

Monday, December 20

Its just another manic Monday

The things I have learned in the last 2 hours:
1.       Even if you go to bed at 9 PM, that does not mean you will wake up at 5 as planned.
2.       Shaving quickly will most defiantly get yourself cut, especially with a new razor.
3.       19 month olds WILL run from you and tend to do so when they are naked.
4.       When running late, you will not find your shoes where you left them.
5.       Once you find your shoes, one kid, if not both, will poop like they have never pooped before.
6.       Pizza is a great replacement for breakfast.
7.       Girls are adventurous and have no fear of running through the alley.
8.       Eminem will calm any upset child.
9.       A package of baby wipes are a great distraction.
10.   A boy will fall 100 times walking up a driveway.
11.   My kids would rather hold on to the before mentioned baby wipes than give hugs, take of jackets, or grab a new toy.

Friday, December 17

Its a hair raising experience

Is there much cuter things in the world than seeing your children hug each other because they like each other?  We were coming home and Elyse giggles in hysteria.  Its the cutest thing you will ever see.  Cole was hiding behind a wall and came running out yelling "Lyse, Lyse, Lyse"  She turned, smiled, and ran to him and put him in a choke hold, her way of giving him a hug.

(Please ignore her rolled pants, the girl is skinny and its the only way to keep them up)

They then walked hand in hand around the house and ended up in front of the pin ball machine where she wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

Its so sweet it makes me smile just seeing it happen without being prompted.

Its so sweet that it makes hairs stand on end.

Thursday, December 16

No turning back

I paid for my first half marathon yesterday.  There is no turning back now.  I did it early so I didn’t miss the deadline like I did for the last one.  L  Its early, but training has begun, yesterday.  I super excited about what will happen in 3 months.  On the other hand I am not looking forward to the training, for one reason.
I hate them.  I feel like I am going nowhere, I guess Im not really moving , and that it takes FOREVER to finish.  Heres the catch.  I HATE running at night alone.  Im a big chicken.  Im scared of someone jumping out of the bushes or getting hit by a car or rabbit dogs gnawing on my limbs before anyone finds me.  I know, irrational, but for whatever reason, I cant seem to do it alone.
Enter Death
Last night, I was supposed to run 2 miles at 11:18 pace.  Easy, I can do it in my sleep,  if Im running outside.  It was 7 before I could get it done so off to the gym I went. 
Kill me
After one mile, Im dying.  Not from exhaustion, from BOREDEM.  There is TV, but I left my headphones at work so I had no sound.  The music kept getting interrupted by announcements. And then the worse:  I feel like Im sprinting and I know Im not.  5.8 on a treadmill is not fast, but Im short so it feels that way.  I feel worn out but I know Im not.  Some endless cycle and in my head I keep saying “Only two more laps, only one more lap, only 20 more feet.  Kill me. 
The long runs I do on the weekend so Ill be outside.  In mid-week, I will have to run in the dark or get on the death machine.  Oh how will I ever run 8 miles on a treadmill?
Any advice?

Wednesday, December 15

Wordless Wednesday

We tried, we cried, we will try again next year.

Tuesday, December 14

Because 1 wasnt enough

I figured out how to send to this from my phone
Please expect more random pictures in the future

A gift comes in all forms

Ive said it time and time again, boys are different from girls.  Im not talking about the physical parts, but just about the part of how they act.

In general, this is how it is.  Girls play with dolls and like pink.  Boys are rough and like getting dirty.  For the most part, this is true in our house.

With exceptions of course.

Cole does NOT like to be dirty.  He has been this way from day one.  We tried to put him in the grass and he freaked out.  Elyse on the other hand loves to get dirty and rolls around on the ground every chance she gets.    He does play with trucks and she does play with dolls.  He is a brick house and she is dainty (somewhat)

I do have a point, I promise.

Our cats hate us.  They have attitudes.  If they dont get fed when they want, they yell at the door.  Yes I said yell.  If they are locked out of the bedroom, they poop on the floor right by the door so we see it right when we wake up.  If we are gone to long, poop on the floor.  If the litter box is not cleaned to their guessed it, they poop on the floor.

Elyse will find it and yell "Mommy EWWWW" as she bends over looking at it from a distance of a few inches.  Sweet girl, she would never touch it but shell get as close as she can to it.

Then there is Cole.  Curious Cole.  We came home and hes playing as he always does and I hear giggles.  I have now learned that silence+immediate giggles=trouble  So I check on them, they are playing sweetly.  About 10 minutes later, Cole runs up  to me hands full and says something that Im sure only he understood but Im guessing was something to the words of here or see or look.  He opens his hand and voila.  Thats right big OL' CAT TURD is laid in my lap.  He then smiles and looks at me for approval of his gift.  I jump up and yell "EWW COLE NO NO We do NOT play with cat poop"  He gives me this look that tells me he understands and then I hear "No poop, no poop, no poop" followed by giggles as he runs away to chase his sister.

I guess this is what I get to look forward to.
Sweet innocent gifts
Even if it is poop.

Monday, December 13

Operation Gingerbread House Fail


I love Christmas.  I love everything about it.  Now saying that, I have always said that when I have kids, Im starting traditions.  In my mind, you have to do something a minimum of 2 years in a row to make it a tradition.  This is year 1 and we built a Gingerbread house.  And when I say built, I mean I tried to shove it together before they ate all the pieces.  Here is what happens when you combine 2 19 months-year-olds and a whole lot of cookies, icing and candy.

Snowman death #1

Snowman death #2

Snowman death #3

Shes ripping the roof off

Mmm candy

Tree Death

He kept taking the candy off of the roof and shoving them in his mouth
Piece #1

Mom, do you see this?
Piece #5


Piece #500

Do you notice his chipmunk cheeks?

Trying to steal the chimney

And she starts to take the candy

Chimney Death
I give up

2 kids On a sugar high

*Side note,#44 is now complete*