Tuesday, March 27

Lets Paint

For Valentines Day, I told you I was waaaaaaaaaay behind, I wanted to kids to make their Valentines.  I blame Pinterest.  I came across this idea to make hugs out of hand prints so I thought oh yes, that would be wonderful to send to people and the kids would get a lot of joy out of getting dirty. 

So off we went. I bought finger paint, card sheets, string, and a drop clothe to catch all the mess.  I dont mind mess, but I really dont like digging paint out of carpet either.

Then we began.

Cole was 'neat' at first, I say that as I notice he has it on his stomach.

And of coarse, Elyse dove right in.

There were giggling and yelling "More paint mom, more paint

Cole then got into it and starting painting everything, instead of just putting down his hand prints.

Elyse made a stamp out of her hand and was smacking and smashing until she ran out of paper.

Sadly, these did not turn into Valentines, but they are still super cute. 
And it entertained these 2 for about an hour.

And arent they pretty?

Im sure Ill come up with something to make out them, helllllo Pinterest.

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