Monday, April 23

Eating at Rainforest Cafe

If you ever get the chance to eat at The Rainforest Cafe, especially with kids, I highly suggest it.  My kids LOVE animals so it was a perfect fit for us.

While waiting, we introduced ourselves to the frog.

And the alligator,

Once we got in, the kids were overwhelmed.  There is so much to see and to look at, Im not sure they knew what to do with it all.  After a bit, they took it all in and enjoyed all the animals around them.

Cole loved the aquarium

 And they loved their food and the balloon animals that were made for them.

At one point, Cole would not eat.  We convinced him that if he didnt eat his hot dogs (he had 2 mini ones) that the gorilla was going to come eat them.  I have never in my life seen a kid grab hot dogs and shove them in his mouth so fast.  He panicked because he could only get one in his mouth and he was begging with his eyes for someone to eat it so the gorilla wouldnt.  Every single person at the table was in tears from laughter.  I finally convinced him if he hid it, the gorilla couldnt get it.  He then put the hot dog upside down so the bun was covering it.  Every time the gorillas came alive, hed put his hand on top as to protect it.  I have never laughed so hard, I only wish I had it on video.

Everyone laughs at their kids right?

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