Tuesday, April 3

Potty Training

Potty Training sucks.  Cole could give two giggles about going or not going into the potty.  Im told this is typical of a boy but it is VERY frustrating.

Then we have our diva.  She has it down, when she pleases.  She knows what to do.  Shes knows the reward.  She understands why we dont need to go in the pull-up, undies, pants, dress or whatever else she is wearing that day.  But, she has an attitude.  She has this "see look , I know I can do it, you know I can do it, but I'm going to show you that I dont care" attitude. 

Most of the time, she will tell us when she has to go but then the other times she could care less and will tell you so. For example, he asked her "Elyse do you need to go potty"  "No daddy"  Then 5 minutes later she runs up to him and tells him that she pooped and he asked her why she didnt say anything and her response was "Cuz I didnt want to tell you"

At daycare we bring wipes.  She told her "Mrs Lisa my mom brought wipes to wipe my butt when I poop" and she goes "Thats right, and where do we poop" and Elyse says, "In my pull up cuz I want to"  Then for 3 days she will go in the toilet. 

I know I know, I should just put her in undies but she cant wear them to daycare until she can tell them all day long when she has to go so its complicated.

Which brings me to the point.  When she tells me, we go potty.  Period.  It doesnt matter if were eating, driving, sleeping, whatever it is, if she says she  has to go, we go.

But at 3 AM? Momma is tired.
Yes she went.
Yes we sat there for another 10 minutes because she SWORE she had to go again.
Yes she read me a book, making up words about pigs dancing and something (it was 3 AM, I was lucky to get a pic)
Yes she got a sukcer
At 3 AM

On another note, she did not wet her pull up at all yesterday, she held it till bed, went in the potty, woke up dry and went in the potty this morning.

OH I see 1 diaper free kid in my near future.

Now if Cole will just give a crap, he would be on his way too .

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