Wednesday, April 4

Feed the Ducks

The kids are very into feeding the ducks.  Once they figured out that the ducks wont bite, they giggle and giggle and feed until all the bread is gone.

We headed to the pond with the motorcycles. After a bit of coaching, Cole got the hang of it and took off with his feet in the air.

Elyse wanted a push, so Id run beside her, pushing, then let go.  She would squeal until she crashed then ask to be pushed again.

Then we met the ducks.

 They kept creeping closer and closer to the water,

So I sat next to them to make sure they didnt fall in.

We then moved to the bridge.
Look at this kids arm, hes a bread throwing machine.

Mommy with Elyse and Cole

We were having a blast and then this happened

Oh yes, Cole was pooped on.

We then looped our way back around to meet the big swan.

Now everyday I have bread I hear "Mom we going to feed the ducks and the mean swan?"
Oh did I forget that Elyse is convince the swan tired to eat her hand and Cole nicknamed it Meany?
We will back, maybe the swan will be nicer next time.

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