Tuesday, January 17

2012 Resolutions

Yes, Im two weeks late.  For me, I still need to write them down or they will never get done.  Half of them might not get done anyway but I feel if its out there, then Im accountable to someone, somewhere.  So here goes.  Here is what I want to do in 2012.

*Add new album monthly on FaceBook, I slacked last year on picture posting so Im going to keep it updated this year

*PR a half, shoot for under 2 hours

*Complete a Full Marathon

*Complete 45 tasks on 101 in 1001

*Run 1000 miles, Im GOING to do this this year if it kills me

*Read 12 books

*Cut debit in half,  Its happening, again even if it kills me.

*Pin something original on Pinterest, lets face it, Im a big copy cat

*Start, keep up  to date quote box

*Get a tattoo

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