Thursday, January 19

Lets paint...the bathtub?

Have I mentioned on here how addicted I am to Pinterest? When its raining outside and I cant think of ANYTHING to do with 2 kids, I go to Pinterest.  We had one of those days so what did I come up with?  Thats right, painting the bathtub.  The kids went crazy and had a blast and there was very little clean up, my favorite part.

At first, they were not quite sure what to do.

That quickly changed. 

This is not pee, he turned on the facet.

She was having a blast

Hes painting the whale as she paints the walrus.

And the ducks

The final masterpiece?

No too bad and they were entertained for about 40 minutes. Next time, I bet the whole thing is covered.


  1. Replies
    1. I just used watercolors from the dollar store. Came right up with some hot water.

      You could also put food coloring in shaving cream and use that.