Friday, December 30

Bribing Santa

Have you ever seen those houses at Christmas time that go all out?  I mean all out.  We have all seen them but have you ever seen one with a train in the front yard and they let people ride it IN THEIR FRONT YARD? Neither have I.  That is until this year.

My mom heard from a friend about this house.  Isnt that how we all get our information, from a friend of a friend who heard from their brothers cousin, or something like that?  Anyway, we found it and sure enough, we rode a train in this person's front yard.

The kids didnt know exactly what was going but they went with it.

Arms up!! 

 Ok mom Im done, arms down.


She wouldnt hold on, so Cari held onto her

She held her arms up until we can to a stop 

She had her arms up the whole time and he yelled whooooooooa-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee until we stopped.  I hope they do this on roller coasters one day.

After the ride, we took a ride to see Santa.

She knows the truth, so she tried to bribe Santa,

And he accepted. 

 Cole would not get close to him,

And this is as close as she would get.

They did tell him what they wanted, a baby and a car.
He listened.
Not that it matters, he was paid off.

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  1. Looks like fun for everybody! Good for you and Happy New Year! I am a new follower..pls follow back if you can!