Tuesday, December 20

Santa is Scary

Is everyone as busy as I am?  I just realized I havent posted in almost a week.  :(  Ive got to get through the next 2 weeks and then Ill be back to my daily posts. 

Every year I take the kids to see Santa.  For some reason it seems to be torture for them.  Case in point, please revisit last years attempt.

You back?
Apparently this is typical and I find it hilarious.
Dont Judge, Im sure you laughed.

So this year, them being a year older, I thought maybe just MAYBE we could get a picture with no tears.  I was half right.

Yes there are no tears but the two of them look terrified.

And yes I laughed.

Im still laughing.

Dont judge.

Maybe next year we can get one with a grin.

1 comment:

  1. I laughed too! I find it hilarious that kids love the idea of Santa, but when it comes to actually meeting him, it's a whole different story! Hopefully next year they will be more accepting of the big guy :)