Friday, December 9

What did she/he say?

Here we go again.  These two crack me up.

Elyse: I love my Hethur
Cole: Thats not Hethur, thats mommy

Cole: Oh Shit
Elyse: Mom Cole said oh Shit

Cole: Elyse Crazy
Elyse: Im not crazy, Im gorgeous

Elyse: I like my boogers
Elyse: Not gross, they're delicious mmm mmmm mmmm

While I put on their monkey hats-
Elyse: Cole your a monkey
Cole: Yea
Elyse: You go oh eh aha hah ah
Cole: Yea
Elyse: Cole you are a monkey and you are sooooooooooo cute

Elyse: Wheres my tutu?
Cole: Ill get it (he jumps up and runs to the other room)
After he comes back with tutu in hand, Here you go Elyse
Elyse: Thank you
Cole: Your welcome (then he turns to me) Wheres my blue tutu?

Cole: I poop
Me: Did you poop or do you need to poop
Cole: (He giggles) No I not poop, I just fart

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