Thursday, December 15

Christmas Lists

Ive been looking forward to the day when the kids can make Christmas lists.  I dont know why, maybe because its what you do this time of year and I love all things Christmas, Ive just really been looking forward for them to do this.  The day has come.  At 2.5 years old, they have made their first Christmas wish lists.

Lets take a look to see the difference between boys and girls shall we.

First up, Elyse.
She requests the following:
Baby Dolls
Paw Paw AND

(I think thats her drawing a person in the corner but Im not sure, LO)  LShe wants the people in her life and dolls.  Shes such a girl.

Up next, Cole.
Very simple and to the point.
He requests blue toys and cars.

I think Santa and accommodate this.

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