Saturday, May 7

2 year Stats

We went to the doctor for the kids 2 year check up.  Here are their latest stats.

His head is measuring 19 in.
35.5 in tall
26 lbs
He is in the 50% for weight and 25% for height.  He was in the 80% but he has slowed down a bit lately but he is still getting bigger day by day.  Hes going to be a football player.  He doesnt look that big but hes a brick to pick up.  He will be tall, thats a given.  He loves his car and his puppy as they do not leave his side.  He tucks them in at night and says good night to them both.  He loves scaring you by saying boo and then coming up to make sure your ok.  He loves to dance even if it looks like he is just jumping up and down.  He has found his ..ummm...penis and giggles when he pulls it.  I can only hope this will fade but I'm sure it will not.  Hes a climber and is shy when he gets somewhere new.  He gives the best hugs and better kisses, open mouth and all.  He takes care of Elyse and is mommy's little helper. I hope he never leaves this stage.

Her head is measuring at 18.5 in.
34 in tall
23.4 lbs
She is in the 50% for height and 10% for weight.  She is so skinny but is slowly getting bigger and bigger. Its still looking like she will be long and lanky, or willowy as the doctor says.  Everything checked out great.  She talks in paragraphs, well compared to Cole, and climbs on everything.  She loves babies, as if you didnt know, and is very caring.  Shes a mommas girl..  The next step is potty training.  Shes ready, even if were not. Shes very girly, not sure where she got that from .  She loves her shoes and to dance and sing.  She gives Cole the hugs and will tell you I love you.  She tells you your are pretty and that she stinks.  Its very entertaining.  She loves attention and makes sure you are watching her to show off.  Shes the sweetest girl youll ever  meet, even if shes ornery at times. 

She is very girl, he is very boy. 
She talks, he climbs. 
She sits on the potty, he pees on the wall.

They are growing up too fast, I wish I could stop time even if just for a moment.


  1. Glad to hear they're both doing well!! And yes, time passes FAR too quickly. Enjoy every moment!

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