Friday, May 6

Some things never change

I am not a sweet person.  I can eat a Hershey Kiss and Im good on chocolate.  White chocolate, its another story, Ill eat a whole bar if Im in the mood for it.  But in general, I dont do sweets.  They are just not my thing.  The kids, on the other hand, love their cake, ice cream and whatever else they can manage to get their hands a hold onto.

For example.  Last night I asked Elyse what she wanted for dinner.  She says "Cake" Your not eating cake for dinner.  "Hot Sauce"  Your not eating hot sauce for dinner.  "Ice Cream" Your not eating ice cream for dinner.  "Coooookies" Your not eating cookies for dinner.  "Wizzler" (Twizzler) Only if you go potty.  "Ok mommy" and she took off to the bathroom and played with the potty.

Their love for sweets have not changed.  They way the eat them have, sorta.

One year ago, this is how they ate cake.

Fast forward to now, this is how they eat cake.

At least shes cleaning her hands right?


  1. She is the cutest!!! That's sooo funny that she's cleaning her hands!!

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  2. They are cute! Love the photos. Your newest follower.

  3. Too hilarious! love those cake eating photos We all have them!
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  5. sooo cute!!
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  6. Hello back from WynnieBee -following you now by GFC. My kids did the same thing-I have one of my oldest with spinach all over, makes me want to turn back the clock - he's 30 now : D

    Thanks for stopping by and joining in on FotoFriday - your twins are so precious! Hope to see you again next week ?

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Bee Seeing You!