Tuesday, May 3

Its my party and Ill eat frosting if I want to

This weekend we had a small get together to celebrate the twins 2nd birthday.  They had so much fun ooohing and ahhing over everything and everyone that attended.

Dont they look A LOT alike in this picture, weird

For some reason he was scared when the lion growled.  After awhile he got used to it and wouldnt get off of it.

Of course, there were lots of presents.
They particularly liked the dancing pizza Elmo.  Its creepy.  The pizza has a face and it sings.  Elyse is now running around the house yelling "Yummy yummy pizza pizza"  "Dance elmo dance"  Its super cute, but it is still creepy.

She got a baby stroller, which she would NOT let out of her sight and immediately put her baby inside of it to take her for a walk.

Cole was in aww of all the books he got to open.  Especially the Spongebob book and the hippo book.  He would not let go of any of them.

Most of all, they liked their cars.  They drove them all over the house and kept running into the walls.  Guess who else got to take a ride?

Thats right, her baby and his puppy.  They had to join in the fun.

Next it was time for cake.

They LOVE Elmo so we figured it be easy enough to do.  They blew out their candles and dug into their cakes.

And by dug in, I mean ate only the frosting.  I tired to feed her a bite in which she responded with "No mommy, I can do it myself"  She turned into a 5 year old in two seconds.

She looks like a clown.

He is on a major sugar high.

Happy Birthday Babies


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  2. Your kiddos are adorable! I think I would be a little freaked about the talking pizza a well. Scarred for life! I dig the cars. Super cool.

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  3. Precious memories!!

    We're having a halfy birthday party for my grandson this weekend - I can't wait!!

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  5. Love these pics! It's great when the little ones really get into the cake! Did the red stain their faces/tongues/teeth?

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