Thursday, May 26

Bath Time

The kids are obsessed with water.  They love everything about it.  They run through puddles, splash in the sinks, and swim in the tub. 

They understand how water comes out of the faucets and have figured out how to turn them on to wash their hands.  Daily, Elyse will say "Mommy wash hands"  as she pushes the potty next to the sink, climbs up and turns on the water.  She then washes her arms, face and hair while throwing the water everywhere. Hey, whatever makes them happy right?

For whatever reason, they love the bathtub, even when it is not bath time. This is what I walked into yesterday after leaving the room for a few minutes.

Yup, they were playing in the tub.  She took the wash clothes and putting all the ducks to sleep.

He kept throwing his car out to go "Nite-Nite", climbs out of the tub yells "Wake up Car" and throw it back in the tub. Hed jump back in and start all over.

Thats when she decided to put the soap holder to sleep as well. 
And yes her shoes are on the wrong feet, she did it herself.
At least they are on her feet instead of her hands like they normally are.


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing these pics with us :)

  2. Who needs a play place or a play house when you have a bathtub?! Too cute!

  3. cute kids!! I am following from the hop, hope you will visit!

  4. Can I just say you have two cute kids! I found you through bassgiraffes blog hop and am now following you. YOu can find me at have a wonderful day

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  6. My daughter whose two LOVES water too, she just figured out she's tall enough to reach the bathroom sink taps to turn them on and leave them running, lol, found you via the bloghop, your newest follower

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