Tuesday, June 14

Cousins are like sisters

It is no secret that me and my sister did NOT get along growing up.  We still butt heads now, but weve moved pass the let-me-throw-you-in-the-trash-can-because-your-being-a-snot phase  (true story)  I have always wondered that if when we both had kids, if the kids would get along.

We all headed Canton last weekend and the girls were so sweet.  All the kids were in strollers and Cheyenne would yell "Mommy go to Elyse"  Danielle would push her closer and they would hold hands.  When one of us slowed down, one of the girls would  say speed up I want to hold you.  They would then get even and hold each othters hands again.  I guess they like each other.

They are red because it was 100 degrees not from a sunburn.  When we got them in the AC and they returned to their natural paleness.

Does Cole look like Gilligan?  He kept looking at the 2 of them holding hands and I can only imagine him thinking "Yall are crazy"

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