Tuesday, June 21

Watch your garden grow

I envy people who have a green thumb.  I kill everything.  Bonsai, dead.  Flowers, dead.  Herbs, dead.  Ivy, dead.  Cactus (that I was told CANNOT be killed), dead.  You see my point.

When I started making my list, I thought about some things that would challenge me.  A garden?  Perfect.  If I can get something to bloom, and actually eat it, wow thats an accomplishment for me. 

I bought some seeds.

And planted them in starter soil (my term, not theirs)

Once they budded (Is that a word?), I moved them to the garden.

To my surprise, my seeds grew.

And a little while later, produced this,

And this
The garden is still growing, but I can proudly say I ate what I grew.

I used radishes in a salad, with some cilantro and lettuce that was also grown, and I grilled up some squash for dinner.

I say this is a success, and  my brown thumb is slowly turning green.

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