Thursday, June 2

Look at my panties

So its that time.  Time for big girl and boy undies.  Potty training must begin.  We got the potties and they understand (well her more than him) what they are used for.  She gets that if uses the potty like a big girl, she gets her lizards (Twizzler)  but only if she goes.

For their birthday, we asked for 2 things.  Either A donate to their college fund or B get them undies.  These two kids have toys and clothes coming out of their ears so this seemed like logical request.  Little did I know what was in store for us.

Instead of putting one on and potty training, she did this.

Yes, that is all 7 pairs on the OUTSIDE of her clothes.

He began to hide his undies.

And then was prompted to do this

Hes so gangster.


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  3. Great post and great photos. We had "bye bye diaper parties" that they planned. They set the date, set what the party would have/do and it worked...for the most part (LOL).

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