Monday, June 13

Lil Momma is at it again

I have mentioned before how Elyse loves to play with babies and her motherly instinct takes over.  If you remember this video  or this post, you know how she is with her babies. When I drop her off in the mornings, she runs to the baby bin, grabs a baby and walks it to the swing for nap time.  All day long she changes the diapers, feeds her, and covers her for nap time.  She kisses them good night and runs them (because she cant have just 1, she has to have them all in her procession) around the house in her stroller.

Well shes at it again.  While my dad was in town, she took full advantage of a baby being around.  Every time a jar was opened, Elyse came running around the corner yelling "Help feed baby, help feed"  She would then climb, literally, into my dads lap and grab the spoon from the bowl. 

She says AWWWWWW, eat baby.

Shes so sweet, smashing the food on his face because he wasnt eating fast enough.  When he was done, she would  say "All done baby, food all gone"

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  1. She's a super darling! Isn't it amazing how baby girls have their natural motherly instinct? I'm sure she's all caring and very motherly to her dolls because that's how she sees you doing the same things to her :)

    Spanish Pinay