Friday, June 17

Going Bonkers

There are rarely places where you can take 2 year olds where they will have a blast and not get trampled by bigger kids. They are just two tiny people ya know.

Anyway, thanks to my mom, we found Bonkers close to her house.  We thought why not.  Lets give it a try and see how the kids do.  If they hate it, were out $5, really only $5 for all 3 of us to get in.

Lets just say they LOVED it.  They stuck close to each other for the first few minutes, like they always do, then they took off in different directions always keeping an eye on each other, like they always do.  Heres what I could get before my camera died, like it always does.

Does anyone know hard it is to get 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time?  Im sure you do.

Elyse look here.
 Hello, over here.
Oh oh oh so close
Oh screw it, thats as close as its getting.

We then went to the 2 and under area for them to slide.  The almost love sliding as much as swinging, almost.

I think she might want to be in the circus one day, she walked this tightrope thing for about 20 minutes.
And of course I had to join in the fun.
And look at these two, so cute.
Hes not that much taller than her, hes on his tip toes.
I cant believe how big they are getting.
This place was awesome and we will defiantly be going back.

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