Tuesday, October 5

2 is better than 1

Im just going to lay it out there.  I am a mom of twins.  That’s 2 babies.  At Once.  Now I know everyone says that twins comfort each other And they do and its SOOO nice.


There is always a but.

They are still siblings and they still fight, as much as almost 18 month olds will fight.  They steal each others toys and scream (quite loudly) at each other to get what they want.  They still, occasionally, make me want to pull my hair because I have no idea what is wrong or what they want.

And then I see Cole grabbing Elyse’s cup, walk over hand it to her and her say “Thank you Cole” or “Tank Tu Cole”as it comes out.  I see Elyse run to Cole and pat his back when he cries.  I see Cole give “Lys” a kiss good night and I hear Elyse say “Nite Nite Cole” almost every night.

(Coles helping her push her shoes around the house)

You wont hear me complain to much of these little ones, because honestly, they are GREAT babies/toddlers/kids.  They rarely cry (unless he is teething and shes not getting her way), eat everything, and listen to what we have to say (again as much as an almost 18 month can).

So whats my point?  I have 2 toddlers that have no idea how to express themselves besides crying, screaming, hitting, what have you.  I have 2.  Most get one, figure it out and get round 2 with the second one.  I didn’t get that luxury of one.  Luxury?  No, not at all. I love that I got two at once.  I love that they test my patience only to make me smile.   I love that they have their own language.  I love that they talk (in what can only be described as old Chinese) and they giggle.  I love that now when I take just one, ANYWHERE, its soooooooo easy, and I can appreciate them individually.  I really don’t understand what the fuss is about with having one baby and how hard it is.  Maybe Im spoiled by TWO fabulous children (I may be a little bias)  But have one has to be cake.

Please remind me of this post when they are 3 and throwing each other into walls.

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