Monday, October 18

Or so I thought

On Saturday, the plan was to run 8 miles. EKKK  But I had my mind set to do it so off I went.

Or so I thought 
My alarm was set for 5:30 AM.  It went off, I hit the snooze.

Or so I thought.
I hit off and did not realize it until 6:45.  So I headed out late but the plan was to finish the 8 miles.

Or so I thought
When pulled up to the park, I saw this

This was when I finished and it was much worse with a black sky, but you get the point.  It looks like a bad horror movie, especially running through the trees filled with fog.  Here's the thing.  I live in Texas.  It does not get cold here.  Not this morning, not this day.  It was cold and Im not talking Texas cold.  Cold, cold.  My legs got tingly and my hands were rolled up in my sleeves.  Then my knees began to ache.  They hurt as they throbbed as I ran.  At the 2 mile mark, my ankles began aching.  I finished 3 miles and had to make a decision.  Continue to run, in pain and risk hurting myself or stop and call it a day.  Im running a 10k next week and I dont want to hurt myself, so I decided to call it a day.

Any other day, I would have been disappointed in myself for not completing the 8 miles.  Saturday was different.  On this day, I was happy to run the 3.  In the cold. With knee pain.

But Ill take it.

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