Thursday, October 21

Cheer for Coupons

I <3 coupons.  I doubted how much money they can save you until I actually started using them on a regular basis.  I have a budget of $200 a month for groceries that is more than enough for the 4 of us.  (Never mind that 2 out of the 4 are not 2 yet)  I love when the little extra work pays off. Like today, on my lunch break.

What I bought:
3 packages of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (Great for Saturday/Sunday mornings)
1 package of romaine lettuce hearts
1 package of Athenos Hummus
2 packages of Tontinos Pizza Rolls (Hubs loves them for snacks)
4 Tubes of Crest toothpaste (Dont mock, it doesnt go bad so it gets used eventually and everyone needs it)
2 packages of Mahatma Rice
2 packages of Bumble Bee Tuna
1 bottle of Dawn Dish soap

Normally, with no sales or coupons, the total would have been $32.40  INSANE

But thanks to my Kroger card, addtional coupons, and about 5 minutes of time this morning, my cost?

Much Better :)

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