Monday, October 11

Trip to Pittsburgh

Last week, I finally got a break from work and had a chance to relax.  Every year, there is a trip planned to eat, drink, and relax with no worries of work.  I was lucky enough to be invited back this year.  So off to Pittsburgh I went.

I chose to have a layover because 1, Im cheap and 2, seemed simple enough.  On the plane, I was given a snack.

(The Biscoff, whatever that is, was on the first flight, the pretzels on the second)

I was not impressed., so I headed to the food court and got a smoothie.  It was soooo good and hit the spot.

Once I landed in Pittsburgh, I was starving but took a nap instead.  You see, I was up at 430 AM to catch a 730 flight an hour away, so I slept.  Then it was time for dinner.  I had a steak (let me wipe the drool) with garlic mushrooms and onion stings.  It looks like a mess, but it was so tasty.

It was so good but I was reaking of garlic for the rest of the night.  Luckily, so did everyone else, so I was in good company.  AND no vampires would come near to us ;)

With the steak, I had a side of asparagus.  A side. What the menu didnt say was it was a side for 10 people. I ate plenty but it doesnt look like I even touched it.  The sauce, which Im sure was filled with the not so good for you stuff, was great.  I nearly licked it clean.

After dinner, we headed out, which Im sure I drank what calories I lost this week in running, but its ok.  It was totally worth it.

When I landed back in Dallas, I whipped out my phone and brought up where I typed in where my car was parked. I tend to lose it often at Walmart so I was determined not to lose it at the airport.  So sad, lost it anyway.  After 30 minutes of going up and down isles, there it was.  On the end.  Where I left it.

All in all it was a good trip.  The best part was picking the kiddos up from my moms, she took them to a football game, and seeing their faces light up when I walked in the room.  Eyes lit up, squeals filled the room and one tiny girl clung on to my leg saying "Momma..Momma...Momma" as the boy slept despite the noise.

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