Friday, October 15

My little dare devil

I knew having boy/girl twins was going to be challenging because lets face it, different genders means they will be treated different.  I hate saying it but its true.  Boys are dirty and tough and girls are dainty and want to play dress up.  Boy was I wrong.

He is laid back and quite until he gets mad or frustrated (no clue where he gets that from).  He does NOT like being dirty at all.  (See below)

(see how hes in the grass) 

(and now looking at it like EWW mom get it off)

He DOES like to rough house and be thrown around. He does NOT like it if he's not in the mood.  He would rather read and eat than do anything else.

Which brings me to Miss Evil Kanevial
She talks ALL the time.  She insists on wearing my shoes every time she finds them.

She climbs on everything and shows no fear and practices yoga ;)

We went to the park yesterday.  She took off, running up and down the bridges and played with the boys (heaven help us) and he stayed by my side.  After about 10 minutes, she found the slide.  She went down BY HERSELF and giggled.  Ran around and slid again.  And again.  AND AGAIN.  Thats when he eased up and started running around the bridges. 

Then I got the look.  "MOM" and she climbs herself up the stares to the BIG slide.  She giggles and throws herself down it.  Cries? Not at all.  She giggles, runs around and climbs back up and slides again. All this time , he is staring at her like shes crazy.  I go "Cole its ok. Watch Elyse, Watch."  Then I hear 'WATCH WATCH" and she throws herself down it again. 

Needless to say, he never went down the big slide.  Maybe gender thing has nothing do with anything.  Oh there is so much these two teach me. 

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