Wednesday, October 6

Running with Tears

This past weekend I completed my best distance in running. 7 miles.  To some that is not a lot, but to me , its incredible.  Im the one who runs short distances, quick, easy, done.  Not long runs, slow, never ending.  This changed on Saturday.  I am training for a Half Marathon (shocker) in December (If i can keep up) so it was on the schedule. The distance frightened me but I had it dead set in my head that I would finish it even if i was crying at the end.

I finished.  Entirely.  Without Walking.  And there were tears. Tears if joy.  Tears of accomplishment.  Tears saying to myself, "See you CAN do this" And I cried like a baby, it was fantastic.

This morning, the plan was to run 4 miles. Easy, I can now do that in my sleep. (I never thought Id say that)  Wow what a few days make.  4 days ago I ran 7 miles with nothing but a smile on my face.  Today, more tears came.  At mile 2, I got cramps.  At 2.5, I broke down.  At 2.5.  How will I ever finish over 13 if I break down at 2.5? I fought threw it, it wasnt pretty, but I finished. 

For whatever reason, today was hard.  I had tears almost the entire thing and all I could think about was how long it was going to be and how mad I was that my headphones wouldnt stay in place.  4 miles in about 40 minutes is nothing to be ashamed of but I felt as though I let myself down.  So Im making the decision not to let that happen again.  Im on a mission to run the Half in December even if it kills me.

So Ill run again.

With or without tears.

And I will finish.

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