Wednesday, November 24

So What Wednesday

So what….
If I giggle like a 5 year old when E and C walk around saying doo-doo
If C’s tongue is out constantly and when we say “Put your tongue up” He puts his lips like a fish
If if Im buying a kitchen for the two of them to share for Christmas.  Hes getting a toolbox but he will play with the kitchen more
If there are days when we don’t change out of our PJs
If they eat Twizzlers
If my house looks like Toys-R-Us vomited
If E likes to play with an armless doll
If Cole thinks the remote/box/shoe/pillow/The Hulk is a phone
If they splash in the tub and get the floor soaked
If E tells a stranger Bless You when they sneeze/cough/or burp
If they run around naked
If the best game right now is being thrown into pillows while counting to 3

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