Thursday, November 4

18 Month Stats

I cant believe they are already 18 months old.  Has this year flown by for anyone else or is it just me never sitting still?

Yesterday we went for the 18 month check up.  This means shots. :(  Luckily I have the best kids in the world so I wasnt worried about it too much.  (I might be a little biased)

We will start with E.  Lets face it shes the girl, shell probably always go first until C pushes her out of the way.

Her head circumference is now 18.25 in.  I have no idea if thats big or small so Ill leave it at that. She is now 32 1/4 inches tall and in the 80%.  She only weighs 21.9 lbs, this is in the 30% for her height.  Long and Lanky.  I was worried that she was not gaining enough but the doctor says that shes healthy and I should not worry.  Miss E also has ALL of her baby teeth.  The only teeth she is missing is her 4 2-year molars.  Yea, no teething anytime soon, I hope. 

She is still a parrot, repeating anything and everything you say.  She will say on her own mommy, daddy, baby, more, bless you, sucker, cookie, hungry, book, Cole, NO NO, stop, walk, up, down, choo-choo, buddy, woof-woof, outside, here you go and Im sure Im missing a lot of them.  Shes a chatter box.  The other day C was crying and the hubs goes "Go tell Cole its ok"  So she walks over to him patted his head and said "Its ok Cole" I died, soooo cute.  Technically thats a sentence which is a 2-year milestone, so 3 cheers for her. She will also count to 2 then say weeeeeeeeeeeee. (Thanks to daddy)

Everything else looks to be right on track.  Her pigeoned toes drive me nuts but the doc says she will grow out of it one day.  She is exactly where she needs to be.

Then it was shot time.  C went first so I was afraid of him 'telling' her it hurt.  They rubbed the alcohol pad on her and she flinched.  The nurse raised the needle and she screamed.  After a minute or two, she was good to go. 

Now its C's turn.  Hes very patient until you take away a book or a bottle he wants. 

C's head is now measuring at 18.5 inches.  Again, no clue if that is big or small, moving on.  He is 33.5 in long and is also in the 80%.  He is heavier than her, who would have thought.  He is weighing in at 24.6 lbs and is 'very muschelly'.  He is solid.  When he stands he does not look that much bigger but you hold him then hold her, you can definitely feel the difference.  Hes a beast compared to her but hes still small, weighing in the 40% for his height.  His legs and stomach are firm and thick.  I seeing a footballer in our future.  He almost has all of his teeth.  We counted 14 yesterday, so only 2 more to go minus the 2-year molars.  Come on son, grow you some teeth.

Compared to her, it is as though he never speaks.  He is coming along just behind her though.  He can say book, buddy, bottle, diaper, more, no, Cole (he loves his name), mommy, daddy, Lyse (for Elyse) , kiss, oh oh oh, down, up, walk, sucker, cookie, juice, bubbles theres so many to name.  Hes not quite to making sentences but he will get there.  When a cat comes on TV I will go "Whats that"  and the response is Buddy?  Close enough, thats our cat, so now all cats are named Buddy.  Ill correct it later. 

Same as E, he is right on track.  He was showing small signs of allergies but nothing a shot of baby Zyrtec cant fix. 

For the shots, he was good until he was pricked then he screamed, for a second.  I gave him his book back and he started laughing.  WHEW no temper tantrums like the kids next door (which BTW were 15)

Everything is going as it should.  They will be ending the ECI program shortly since they where they should be in development.

On another note, I love that she is starting to cuddle.  This never happens but it has the last 2 nights. I love cuddle time.  Also, C has learned to give the best hugs and kisses.  Every morning when I drop them off I go "E, bye"  She goes "Bye Bye mommy" and then I go "C, bye bye" and he runs to me wraps an arm around me and slops some drool on my cheek then runs back and yells BYE BYE

Its great, Im loving every minute of it.

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