Tuesday, November 2

Halloween Night

So Im a day behind but I figure now would be a good time to post pictures from Sunday night

*The following is a representation of a mother of twins who gets picture happy,I apologize in advance*

So Im one of those weirdo moms that has twins that is bound and determined to make the two match for Halloween. and for pictures I never get to dress them a like because hes not wearing a dress or pink and shes not going to rock a football uniform (but she could)  My mom came across a fairy costume and I was on a mission to make them match. SOOOOOOOOOOO, the is what I found

My Little Leaf Fairy

My Garnden Gnome

I love the shoes, and he jacked my cup
(Theres only water in it so I didnt fight him)

He would not let go of the straw

Or his corn dog

Shes ready to go

Sucker #1

There was no chance of getting her out of the bounce house.

No sucker for this kid, he wants the corn dog and his straw
Err My straw

I think this is sucker #4

Finally, he eats one

He was so worn out from all the pictures
(Do you notice the socks, yup Ive coverted them)

She was ready for bed

The night was great.  We went trunk or treating because I think they are still too little to get the concept of going up to people's houses and asking for candy, next year we will.  So I loaded them up in the stroller and took off.  She LOVES suckers (Im in trouble) the girl had about 6 of them in a matter of a few hours.  Luckily people were great and dug out sugar free ones from the bags of candy they were handing out.  C finally ate one only to grab onto the remaining half of his corn dog. Several people stopped me and said "I know its weird but can I please take a picture"  My response?  Sure click away.  The beard never bothered him and he was super uuuber cute it made me gitty and smile from ear to ear.

By the  end of the night, they were covered in sucker juice and wore out.  They hit the bed and passed out.  It was a great night and a great 2nd Halloween.

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