Wednesday, November 17

Mommy, I miss Cole

This is what Elyse said yesterday. And by said, I mean this is what I believe she meant.

She has been sick the last few days.  Let me re-cap.  This weekend we had 2 great babies, happy as can be.  Then came Sunday night.  We gave them both a bath and put them to bed with no issues like always. 

Then came 1030.  I heard screaming "MOOMMMY MOOOMMMMY" in this raspy horse voice that I didnt recognize.  The hubs went into the room and she was screaming and burning up so he brought her to me.  We took her temperature and surprisingly it was only 99.5, so I tried to get her to lay with me.  You see, she never cuddles.  She never sits still.  This was different.  Something was wrong.  She laid on my chest and any time I budged, she clutched on for dear life. 

We kept her home on Monday because she looked like she felt bad.  This is one of the times I wish she could speak to tell me exactly what was wrong because nothing seemed to work.  She laid like this all day.

Sorry for the bad quality, its from my phone

Needless to say, we got to the doctor and shes sick.  She has strep, laryngitis, and an ear infection.  Poor baby got some meds and started to act like her normal self again.

See what I mean?  She would not take a nap and then I heard her say "Nite Nite babies" and I found her like this. In the wagon.  With blanket, pillow and baby.  Shes saying cheese here.  Love this little ham.

So back to the point.

Yesterday, I was waiting until the last minute to go get Cole to try to keep them as separated as possible so he doenst catch it. I dont have to pick him up until 530 so the plan was to wait until 520 to go get him. 

That was the plan.

At 445, she walks up to me, hands me her shirt and goes "Shirt?" 
Yes, baby , thats your shirt.
Yes, baby its a shirt.
Cole shirt?
No, its your shirt.
No its Elyse's shirt
*Me with a strange look on my face Im sure* Huh?
Me: You want to go get Cole?
And she takes off to the door with a huge grin.

So Ok , I get it and we leave to get Cole.

After we get home, I only wish my camera was charged.  She said something, that Im positive he understood, and he said something in return. (I love this twin talk stuff, it amazes me when I see it.) She then walks over to him, puts a choke hold around his chest and holds on for dear life as she puts her head on his shoulder.  I held back tears because it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  It happened again about 15 minutes later as he walked up to her and said "Its ok Lyse" as he patted her shoulder.  She then leaned in, laid her head on his shoulder, and sighed.

Its ok Elyse, I missed him during the last two days too.

If I only had my camera.


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