Monday, November 1

Weekend Wrap Up

Busy Busy Busy
Do you ever feel like you dont sit down and yet feel like you got nothing done?  That was this weekend.

Friday we carved pumpkins.  I love doing it, but I suck at it.

I carved, they ate, of course

It was also Movie-Fest.  I love scary movies.  I love jumping when music gets loud and when something creeps from behind.  I jump and scream at everything.  Im pretty much a big chicken.  We started with The Next Karate Kid with Jaden Smith.  It was just like the other 5 (or how ever many there are) but it was good.  I dont think I can get tired of Jackie Chan.

This kid rocks it.  Next up was Saw 5.  Its the one that I havent seen and I can get enough.  It creeps me out and Im hooked in. Well I thought it was Saw 5.  Turns out I rented Saw 4 instead, laaaaaaaaame.  I wanna play a game....

So we took it out and put in the next movie. 
Nightmare on Elm Street.
(Im starting to believe we were having a lets-watch-every-movie-that-has-15-sequels-to-it night)
This movie was the same as the others
Freddy was all wrong. The voice, the face, the whole thing was different.  BUT I was hooked and jumped about every 5 minutes.  The hubs thought it was funny. How do you look at that face and not creep out?

Not to mention the song
1...2...Freddys coming for you...


Saturday involved getting things off my checklist.  Roasting pumpkin seeds, laundry, massive amounts of cleaning and cooking. I felt like I never sat down but stuff still didnt get done.  That night was yet another Halloween party.  Ill post pictures on FB, there are too many to add here.

Sunday was tiring.  I got home at 330, woke up at 7.  My internal clock is messed up and refuses to let me sleep.  Oh well, I watched Father of the Bride.  Love that movie.  The kids were still asleep so I headed up to work for a few hours.  I seem to get so much more done when no one is around.  After work, I attempted to tackle the 800 loads of laundry for the kids.  Ok not 800, but it was like 6.  These tiny people wear so much crap.  I only got half of it done when it was time to head out to go trick-or-treating.  Well Trunk-or-Treating.  So fun.


But thats another post.
Great weekend.  Busy . Lazy. 
And now Im playing catch up.
Gotta love Mondays.

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