Thursday, January 20

Baby's Little Helper

Is it natural for little ones to want to help with everything?  All day long I hear 'Ill get it', 'Ill fix it', 'Uh-oh, pick it up"  Its really helpful when I can say, Elyse take this to the trash or Cole pick it up and the both happily do what I ask.  I hope this lasts forever.

In the meantime, we have a mini-mommy on our hands.  The baby is carried everywhere.  The baby needs to go nite-nite (which Elyse puts her to bed by burying her in the couch.  The baby needs kisses goodnight and the baby needs her drink (in which Elyse slams the bottle in her face yelling dink baby dink)

Last night, Elyse decided to take the baby to the 'store'.  She put her in her seat and had her ready to go.  Then the baby was cold, so she covered her with a blanket.  She waved out the blanket to get it flat, dont know where she gets that from.

She covered her baby.

Then the baby got tired, so she covered her head.

 The rest of the night, she carried the baby in the carrier saying nite-nite, shhhhhhhhhhh baby sleeping.

She shhhed us because we were keeping the doll awake.

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  1. Wow---so interesting how she already has that instinct!!