Monday, August 22


I like to read.  I have to find time to read, so when I do, I want to get lost.  Heres the thing.  I read for my entertainment.  This is going to sound gruesome and horrible, but all I read is horror/murder mystery books.  The gorier the better.  If the book does not catch me in the first couple of pages, its very difficult to finish.

I was watching a SVU one night and the guy who they thought killed the girl vanished.  Anyway they went through his apartment and all he had was murder books on the bookshelf. They figured he was a pysco, I cant help to think if someone would think the same of me with all the murder/crime books I own.

I digress

Whats the point?  When I made my list, I decided to put some things on there that I normally wouldnt do.  IE #25, Read a romance novel. I dont get romance novels.  I think they are cheesy and I cant get pass the corn ball, "His flowing hair in the wind as he caressed her sweet......" (You get the point)

Well I did it.  I finished a romance novel.  And it wasnt horrible, just not my cup of tea.  It took me a month to finish it.  The book just never GRABBED me the way murder does (morbid, I know)  Anyway, the last half was way better than the first, I just dont think Ill be reading another anytime soon.

#25 done.

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