Monday, August 15


What is it about 2 year-olds that gives them ENDLESS energy?  I swear, they did.not.stop. this weekend.

After a road trip on Saturday, I only assumed that they would pass out with no issues.  I was wrong.  They ran around like crazy people chasing each other non-stop until it was time to eat dinner.  They ate, bathed, then ran some more. They finally passed out around 9, which is late in our house (Bedtime is between 730/8)

This brings me to Sunday.

I was woken up by two kids standing in the door yelling "I stink, I stink" at 7 AM.  After changing the 15 pounds of poo from each of them, I got them some milk and put on a movie so I could doze back off on the couch.  I read instead.  Around 8, I made them breakfast.  BTW, Cole is going to eat me out of house and home.  He ate a whole banana, a waffle, a thing of yogurt and 2 glasses of milk, for breakfast.  Dont get me started on lunch.

Anyway, at 9 we decided to go to church.  I havent taken them to this church before but I should have known, they were fine.  She did not want to leave and was ticked off that we had to leave her baby at church.  When we got back home, I was hoping that they would nap after lunch.  Wrong again.  They played, no sleeping took place.  After about 30 minutes of being in their room for 'nap time', they came out and went ape-shit.

So I got to thinking?  Ok Grandma is coming to the house in 1 hour, I need to keep them up and wear them out at the same time. We headed outside to play with chalk.  It was hot, wore me out, I aint gonna lie.  Them? Not so much.  Its like the sun have them an energy shot. 

What now?

We went to the pool.  They splashed and swam.  Well they held on to my shoulders and kicked..Elyse found flowers (you know the ones that fall off of the trees) and decided to put them all in the hole.  There was this divot in the pool that she was determined to put all the flowers in even if they kept floating out. After about an hour, I was beat.  Keeping up with 2 2-year olds is work, even when you do have help.

Surely they would nap now? 


Thankfully, Grandma showed up about that time with puzzles and entertained them for a minute.  I was beat and it was only 5 o'clock.  I just kept hoping and hoping they would get tired quickly.  They ate and then took a bath and there seemed to be no end in site. 

Little did I know.  I casually said, ok its time to go to bed (At 6 PM) and they both walked to their room and pulled their covers over their heads, with a book of course.

630, silence.

Oh sweet silence.

If only I could have their energy for just one day.

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  1. I can so relate!!!!!! lol I just started a new blog. check it out if you want!