Tuesday, August 2

The Greatest Show on Earth

We did it. We went to the circus. With two 2-yr olds.  And they LOVED it.

Here's a recap.
Im not sure how much they understood, but the whole drive there, the two kept saying "Going to circus, see elephants, going to circus, see elephants"  They seemed really excited to go,even if they had no idea what the circus was.

 We got there early so we went down to the floor to watch the pre-show.  Cole freaked out and wouldnt let go of anyone.  Elyse was ecstatic and kept pointing and saying "Look, whoaaaaaaaaaa, Look"  This is her impersonating the elephants.
(Use your imagination since you cant hear her making the noise)

Im not sure what it is about glow sticks, but they will keep my kids entertained for a long time.

I dont know about you, but when I think circus I think of clowns and cotton candy. Consider dinner spoiled.

They stared intently at the show, even if they wouldnt sit in their chairs 100% of the time.

And of course more cotton candy and some popcorn

Cole was super excited about the elephants, especially the baby elephants.

When they left the arena, he kept yelling "Bye bye baby elephants, bye bye"

They were my favorite too.

Im so glad we got to spend the day having so much fun, even if it ended with sugar rushes.
Who says you cant eat cotton candy for dinner?

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  1. We went to this circus when I was younger--such great memories. It looks like your kids will have those too, especially with cotton candy!

    My favorite thing at the circus was their real live unicorn. :) I'm not sure if they have one of those anymore.