Tuesday, August 23

Really?! Really?!

What is it about kids, especially around the age of 2 (lets face it, thats all I have to go by), that makes them want to do odd things that Im sure only make sense to them?  Wow that was long winded.

Lets try this again.

What is it about a little girl that urgesthem to feed their babies?  If it was fake food or a 'bottle', I completely understand? But this....
I was told that the baby NEEEEEEEEEEEEDED the yogurt because she was a good girl and ate her dinner.  I dont think the baby understood you have to OPEN your mouth to eat it. I guess I should be grateful that she is sharing and gets you get 'dessert' after dinner.  SMH

And, what is it about a little boy that gives him the uncontrollable need to shove stuff in places?

This is a plastic rock, the second time I might add, that he shoved in the surround sound.  Theres blocks in there too that I cant get because my hands arent small enough.

At least its not a PB&J in the VCR, right?  Not yet at least.


  1. Kids are so creative...Your pic gave me a good laugh! I have twin boys and a girl and they sure know how to put things in unique places!

  2. uh oh! lol

    And the speaker made me laugh out loud. Same thing use to happen to us. We always had a collection of odds and ends inside it.