Friday, August 5

Kids say the darnedest things

The kids give me constant entertainment.  Sometimes the things they say make me go huh? and then make me laugh.

For instance

Cole: Mom, go away
Me: Where do you want me to go?
Cole: I dont know (in a very high pitched i DONT KNOW sound like hes questioning something in his head)

Elyse (Shrieking in the back of the car)
Me: Hey, thats enough
Elyse: Hey is for horses
Me: (In my head) Huh?  I wasnt expecting that

While walking to the car through the sprinklers
Cole: Water
Me: Yes sweetie come on
Cole: Its raining
Me: No its the sprinklers
Cole: No its RAINING (then he begins to dance)

Daddy: Where did you get that?
Elyse:  Its not your business
And so it begins.

This happens nightly.
Elyse is playing in their room.
Cole is in the living room.
Me: Cole, heres your cup, can you take this to Elyse?
Cole: Yes mommy.
He then runs to the door yelling "Elyse Elyse Elyse"
He drops to his knees and yells "Im coming Elyse, IM COMING" as he wiggles his fingers under the door.
He then opens the door, hands her whatever it was (usually her cup) and says "Here", leaves and shuts the door.
He then repeats.
In living room, yells "Elyse", runs to door while yelling "Im coming Im coming", kneels down, wiggles his fingers under the door, stands up, opens door then says "Hi Elyse" then closes the door. And repeat.

And finally, this was yesterday on the drive home.
Elyse: Mommy
Me: What baby
Elyse: I dont want to go home
Me: Ok where do you want to go
Elyse: Go bye bye
Me: To where
Elyse: To get donuts
Me: Why donuts?
Elyse: I take donuts to pool
Me: Ok sweetie
Elyse: Mommy
Me: Yes baby
Elyse: I need ice cream
Me: Giggles, Ok baby
Elsye: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


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